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  1. Hello, All! I'll be at College Park in the American Studies PHD program starting this fall!
  2. Any updates? I was accepted into University of Maryland: College Park's American Studies program, so that's where I'll be in the fall!
  3. Congrats, LookingForLangston! I was rejected from Brown, but maybe I should keep my hopes up for UPenn. If you don't want to go to College Park, feel free to help me get off of the waitlist! lol
  4. I didn't get an interview at UPenn either, but I'll be calling tomorrow to see what the hold up is. Meanwhile, I just ran out into the snow to check the mail and was waitlisted at University of Maryland.
  5. Fanonfan, welcome! When did you hear back from UPenn? Also, I was rejected from Northwestern this morning.
  6. I haven't heard anything from anyone. If UPenn is doing interviews, I'm assuming I didn't get in.
  7. Sorry to hear that Ink330. I did my undergrad in Gender and Women's Studies at UMBC.
  8. When did you hear back from College Park? Wow it looks like we could end up in a cohort together!
  9. Hey! I've been lurking for a while, waiting to see if anyone mentioned Af-Am or African Studies applications going out for Fall 2015 cohorts. I didn't see any, so I decided to just start one. Where did you apply? Have you heard anything yet? Here's my list: Brown University - Africana Studies University of Maryland: College Park - American Studies UPenn - Africana Studies Northwestern University - African American Studies
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