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  1. Hey guys. My choice was pretty easy, because I loved my visit to Peabody. It really did seem like a collaborative environment, without the kids of competition that I saw at other schools that I visited. In addition, they gave me a great funding package, guaranteed for five years. Now I won't have to search for funding throughout my time there, which is a big relief. Also, I really liked many of the other students, the vast number of research projects, and the amazing faculty. Everyone was unbelievably warm and welcoming, and the facilities are beautiful. I also liked the people who were a part
  2. I think they probably only send out things a few at a time. They told us at the weekend that each letter would be personalized. I really wouldn't start to worry yet.
  3. Hi! I did go to the Recruitment Weekend, and I think it is a very good sign that you were invited. There were only maybe 10-12 of us there for Teaching and Learning. I received word in the middle of last week via e-mail. If it helps, I loved the campus and the people, and that ultimately made for an easy decision. They are also extremely generous in terms of funding. Hopefully, you will hear back soon! again, I think the invitation was a really really good sign. I hope to see you next year!
  4. Accepted to PhD in Teaching and Learning. I will be going! Anyone else?
  5. I was accepted into the Curriculum and Instruction PhD (Education, too) program back in December. I have e-mailed a few people about funding--it still seems to be up in the air. I am not too optimistic about it, though..
  6. I totally agree. Everyone has been incredibly nice and welcoming; they also respond sooo quickly. It's the same with UPenn though--I got an invite to their weekend too, and again-- fully funded visit, everyone is incredibly nice, and I even got two phone calls from Penn, telling me that they were excited I was coming. I am pumped to visit now...
  7. I'm applying for the PhD program...whoops, forgot to mention that. Is anyone else going to the Recruitment Weekend?
  8. I'm in the Teaching and Learning application pool, and got invited to the Recruitment Weekend.
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