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  1. Wouldn't happen to be UMD Vet program, would it?
  2. Am in the same position for a school I interviewed at mid-Jan....
  3. Still no word from a program I interviewed for in mid-January... guessing I am in line waiting for some other candidates to reject or accept their offer?
  4. This is neither a new phenomenon, or one unique to biomedical sciences. http://www.chronicle.com/article/The-Great-Shame-of-Our/239148?cid=trend_right_a
  5. Awesome, is that part of the BMS or standalone? I am waiting on immunology. Care to give them a ring for me?
  6. Congrats, mind sharing what program for Anschutz?
  7. Anyone have an idea on the Anschutz Immunology program acceptances?
  8. Amtrak from Baltimore to NYC is not that bad of a ride, so I am not sure that you would necessarily be unable to work things out while attending separate programs. You have an amazing opportunity that, in my opinion, shouldn't be given up over a 3.5 hour train ride.
  9. Anyone have any news on CU-Denver Immunology acceptances?
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