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  1. I am. It's a nice touch. In my program they suggest we do. Just thanks for your time and stuff not a whole essay.
  2. Heard from them the Thursday before xmas via email. They only displayed 2 weekends when I took the survey...the 11th and 31st for neuro and about 30 kids each
  3. Cool! I'm UAB. Interviewed for USCarolina and VCU as well as a UCLA program.
  4. Hey, I'm currently a PREP Scholar. I'll hit you up
  5. Ask you about previous research, motivations, career aspirations, why us...see how you articulate
  6. I would just call. Dont have to give a name. "Hello! I'm an applicant to this year's program, and I'd just like to know when we could expect notification of interview invites." If they're done, they'll say they are. Sometimes on schools' sites in the FAQ, they'll say around the dates you are no longer being considered if you haven't heard anything. Dont need a name to get the info, so you won't have to feel like a pest.
  7. Happened to me at Chapel Hill's PhD in Pharm Sci. They called it a pre interview. It is essentially a filtering process. On a Monday we had pre interview via Skype. Friday they called me with interview offer.
  8. When I got to select my weekend, I saw dates well into March. There's still hope!
  9. I apologize. Though she's interested in neuro she actually applied to the pharmacology program. Didn't mean to worry anyone
  10. As far as UNC, I'm not sure of their other dates. I was told my date...which is the weekend of 1/31. Offer was extended via email 12/14
  11. Yes to UTSW. Their weekends for neuro are 1/10 and 1/31. I heard from them via email on 12/20
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