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  1. @theschuster I also got that email! I wonder if they are reviewing applications in waves potentially? If I recall correctly didn’t someone say they got an interview invite from uci? I think the email is just letting us know we are under review now, idk.
  2. Also, if it makes it easier so everyone won't be spammed please be free to DM me or whatever works.
  3. Hey guys! So I have been weighing out my options regarding what to pursue after graduating since I haven't heard back from any of my schools I applied to. I'd like to learn more about all of your thoughts/opinions/advice on NIH IRTA vs. PREP programs? I'm not sure which would be best and aside from that I would love some general advice. Aside from applying to those programs, any information on other programs I should look into that would make me a strong neuro applicant in the future would be helpful as well! Thank you so much in advance and also congratulations to everyone who have recei
  4. I’m in the same boat I applied to 8 schools and it seems UCSD, UCSF, Brown and UCLA are done. I’m not sure what a proper next step would be. Does anyone have any opinions on that? Would a post bacc be a good way to get into grad school or finding a lab to work in? What are other options? This is so disheartening
  5. Hello! Does anyone know if UCSD is still sending out invites for interviews?
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