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  1. I just received an email from them and they told me that I should receive my result into the counseling program by around the end of this month at the latest though some programs do take a bit longer to make decisions.
  2. I'm in the same position as you right now though for different program of study. I was admitted to the MA program for school counseling at NYU but I'm also waiting to hear back from Columbia in regards to their psychological counseling program at TC. It's actually the last school for me that I'm waiting to hear back from and I want to know so bad as to what they decided. Hope I hear back from them very soon! 😬
  3. I got my third acceptance earlier today through an email when I was riding in the car with my parents heading home.
  4. Lauren210

    Teacher's College - Columbia University - Ed.M

    Hmm. That's weird given that I applied to both Columbia and NYU for the School Counseling program in the fall and I'm still waiting to hear back from Columbia as well, but I was actually accepted to NYU's counseling program yesterday. I'm sorry about your rejection. Hope you do get into the other program!
  5. I got my second acceptance to NYU Steinhardt and I was working on one of my assignments for class before I got the email!
  6. I got my first acceptance last Wednesday to Fordham University for their school counseling program. I walked into my lab shift in the morning at school and as soon as I sat down, I opened my email on my laptop, saw an admissions decision email from the school and immediately, my heart started pumping and hands getting sweaty. I was so ecstatic about my acceptance but had to react quietly without causing a disturbance since there were participants working in the lab room. I'm still waiting to hear back from the other three other schools I applied to.
  7. Lauren210

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    I'm from New York and went upstate for my undergrad and I applied to four graduate programs back home in NYC for my masters in school counseling. Teachers College, Columbia University (EdM) New York University Steinhardt (MA) Fordham University Graduate School of Education (MSE) Hunter College School of Education (MSEd) I recently got accepted to Fordham's school counseling program for this upcoming fall, which is going to be right after I graduate from my undergrad this Spring, which is exciting! I'm still waiting to hear back from the other three schools and then I'll come to a decision once I get all of them.
  8. Lauren210

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    Sorry. Posted in wrong topic.

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