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  1. Congrat! I got admitted too also in early March. But now I am really struggling at choosing schools as I got another offer from NYU. Wondering what field of study or industry you expect yourself to do research/work in, with the EdM degree in Human Development and Psychology. Thanks
  2. Good luck to both of us.... I will opt for NYU if they don't send me any message by the end of next week too.
  3. Hi there, did you hear back from TC this Friday? Also do you know if they ever send out rejection letters to people? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, was wondering if any of you applied for the M.A Social-Organizational Psychology by Teachers College, Columbia University? Any messages from them? Thanks
  5. Hey guys just wanna know if anyone hears from TC about the admission this week to the M.A in Social-Organizational Psychology. Thanks...the waiting is driving me crazy
  6. Still Still waiting for TC's M.A. Social-Organizational Psychology, anybody also waiting for hearing from them?........I have been admitted to NYU M.A. in I/O Psychology but still Columbia attracts me a little bit more...the waiting is driving me crazy Really hope I can hear back by the end of this week. Do you guys think it is appropriate to email them to ask the approximate date they send decisions?
  7. Hey guys, Instead of PhD in I/O Psychology, I applied for master programs. Did anybody here hear from Columbia Teachers College about the admission into the M.A. Social-Organizational Psychology? It's been a long wait and it drives me crazy... Thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks a lot! So I guess it is very likley that they make decision on Fridays like March.22 or 29... Hope we both get what we want!
  9. It's really a torture for me coz NYU's I/O Psychology is even better in some aspects....but still I wanna go to Columbia so bad. Do you think it is a good idea to email the admission office about the approxiamte date of getting results? Btw, hope you hear from Columbia soon too!
  10. Hey guys, I am wondering if you or your friends have heard anything from Columbia University Teachers College about the admission into M.A. Program in Socia-Organizational Psychology (S/O Psychology). I have been admitted to the M.A Program of I/O Psychology from NYU, but still waiting for Columbia's decision since it would be my top choice to study at TC. (it's a long wait and kinda drives me crazy...) Lemme know if you are also waiting for hearing from them. Thanks!
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