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  1. Hi! I thought the same when applying to PhD programs. I applied to a few master's, got accepted, wanted to use it as a stepping stone. However, the lab I was a RA in at the time offered me a full time position. From my udnerstanding, it's more worth it to either get a coordinator position (more research/clinical experience) or different RA experiences rather than a master's. You get your master's "along the way" during a PhD program, so in my opinion, it doesn't serve that much of an advantage in comparsion to solid clinical/research experience - also: it's free! You don't have to pay for this (so to speak).
  2. Hi all, I'm not sure where to post this, so I figured I'd post it here! Do any of you have any advice for writing/publishing in a PhD program? The whole process seems daunting to me, i.e how to hypothesize, what to write about, how to exactly go about it. I feel like my research classes haven't prepared me for any of this, and going into a program it'd be helpful to have some tips from those already in programs to help! More of practicality, how much time you dedicate to reading, what you're looking for in papers, etc. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hofstra University - PhD in Clinical Psychology. Submitted my enrollment deposit yesterday!!
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any questions they would ask to the director of clinical training? I have some ideas, but most of them are very general.
  5. Hi guys, Would you recommend taking anything with you to the interview? I was thinking maybe a notepad and a folder, but didn't know if it would be weird.
  6. School: Hofstra University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/22 Type of invite: on campus Interview date(s): 2/28
  7. School: Hofstra University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/22 Type of invite: on campus Interview date(s): 2/28
  8. For the Fordham Counseling PhD posters, was it a tailored email? I emailed the deptartment, yet haven't heard back yet. ugh.
  9. For those who heard from the Counseling PhD at Fordham, was it a mass email? I spoke with my POI and he said that the admissions makes these decisions and CC'd him, but haven't heard anything.
  10. Yes, I found it odd. ES responded to my email and said "all invites have been extended at this point and I don't see others forthcoming". Pretty expected, as he said they received over 400 applications this year (usually they accept ~6). Also, the intviews (I'm pretty sure) are in 10 days, so ....womppp
  11. For the Hofstra poster, do you think they're calling in alphabetical order? Freaking out over here!!
  12. John Jay told me I wasn't going to get an interview, but I never was formally rejected either! So who knows.
  13. For counseling as well? They're two completely different depts, but I emailed the director anyways.
  14. Whoever got the Hofstra invite, congrats!!! Please pm me!!
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