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  1. It’s been 3 months since I applied to Cambridge and I’ve been on department review ever since. People have moved up and gotten acceptances yet I’m just stuck.... I got 2 great acceptances but I want this soooooo badly and I hate waiting 😫
  2. Worries: I'm still under department review for my first choice program. I've seen that people have moved up for acceptances yet I am still stuck at the same place for nearly 3 months now. In general i dont know how to hell im going to fund my studies but I know I must go away for my personal well being and career. Excitement: I have one program locked down which I would be happy to attend. I also may be getting an acceptance to another top school because my application has moved up. (fingers crossed)
  3. i think i will breakdown if i dont hear back soon enough... i cant sleep or eat properly and im always anxious (i also have physical symptoms of my anxiety through IBS ) everything just seems to suck
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