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  1. I asked her in a straightforward way cuz I'm tired of being "not sure"😂. She said I'm the #1 of the waiting list. And I even asked "is it still worth waiting? Is it possible for your program to make a 3rd offer?" She repeated "it's possible". Sounds a good news to me but I will definitely go for the job search now. I also encouraged all guys to give a call for the program if you are too worried. Get a talk in person to see what's going on there!
  2. Thanks for your reply!! I just called the coordinator because I am too confused. She told me that the third offer has not been made. The decision of whether to make one more offer will depend on the number of the cohort of program (ph.d. in business). If there is more space for the whole cohort, this offer will be sent. Well...whatever...it's something new to me.....😅
  3. I was notified that two offers had been accepted, but the program may be able to make a third but they will not know until April 15. Any one knows what's going on there? The coordinator told me it is possible, but I'm too worried and begin to apply for a job now.
  4. Hey All! I'm wondering if there is any difference between an interview with faculty and one with program's area coordinator. I had a phone interview with a program's phd area coordinator last week and we talked more about living expenses in NYC ( the university's in NYC) and my idea of moving to NYC. Does it mean a little bit higher of chance in admission when we're scheduled to interview with an area coordinator? THX!
  5. I see two accepts in marketing in the result search.
  6. I couldn’t agree more. Follow-up sometimes is necessary after two weeks from the interview— what my experience tells me
  7. Worries: I just received a rejection from my dream program and it is the 3rd rejection i’ve got. Excitement: Will graduate this May with an MBA degree. It’s always exciting to get something done! Also, I had a good performance in an interview with a very nice professor from a great university yesterday. Hope to receive an offer from this program!
  8. Sure! Temple University (quant trek).
  9. Hey all! I’m applying for 12 schools (3 Canadians, 9 u.s) for their ph.d in marketing. So far I’ve received an interview and still waiting for other 11. I hope we all good luck in the coming weeks!
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