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  1. I was invited to join the Sigma Xi society. There is an initiation ceremony and the proceeds go towards science events at my school. What is this society? Is it worth it join?
  2. But does this mean you could back out of one school you have "signed up for"? Is there a deposit or signed form needed by April 15th?
  3. Coming straight out of undergrad and bringing my partner to whichever city I end up in. They will be getting a job as well. Any advice on housing? Can a partner live in grad school on campus housing? Grad Program: Biological Sciences
  4. For those Biological Sciences folks when a university offers a stipend (may or may not include assistantship/TA) are taxes included in this figure? From websites, I see stipends range from 25,000-40,000 depending on cost of living ect. What do your finances look like? Has this been enough to live in your area/ cover all necessary and basic needs?
  5. Interview offers are being sent! What universities have offered you interviews? Are you still waiting on any interviews/rejections? How are you managing conflicting interview dates? I'm waiting on Rockefeller, Stanford and NYU.
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