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  1. Well, my decision has been made for me. The person above me at Tennessee accepted the last offer (there were two RWL spots). So, I've been shut out this year. I was hesitant about leaving my full time Lecturer position for a PhD during this entire process. I'm going to reflect and think about if I want to reapply next year or just be satisfied with what I have. Good luck to everyone!
  2. I'm still on the wait list at Tennessee. They told me that the person they are waiting on has until April 19 to make her decision. We're in the same boat!
  3. It's nice to see some happy outcomes for people waiting it out! I just received an email from the DGS at UTK informing me that the person ahead of me has until April 19 to decide. It sounded like it's their policy to give a person two weeks after receiving an offer (ie. the person was accepted on 4/5, so she has until 4/19 to decide). Is this common practice? I don't see why anyone would wait to make a decision after April 15 if they have other offers though...
  4. UTK told me that I would have a different deadline besides April 15 (at least a week or two) if I got accepted off of the wait list at this point. I don't think I could sign up for 5+ years without visiting.
  5. @Elisajoy90 and @katie64 I'm next in line for a RWL PhD spot (acceptance and funding) at UTK. Leanne Hinkle said that they would notify asap if anything changed during the weekend.
  6. @Carl Mark I know that I'm next in line. I was just wondering if I could figure out the person's level of interest. I'm used to waiting by now though
  7. I know that at least four people on grad cafe were wait listed at Tennessee for the PhD program. I was just moved up from #2 on the waitlist to #1 in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics PhD track. Sending a post out in the universe to ask if the person who was #1 on the wait list is still active on here and if you are considering UTK's offer.
  8. Question about getting accepted off the wait list close to April 15: Do you usually have you make a decision very quickly? Do they give you time to visit or is that seen as a waste of time at this point? One program told me that they don't expect movement on the wait list until *after* April 15. Another program told me that they are waiting on one person to make a decision before they turn to the waitlist. I'm number 2 on that waitlist. Side note: I'm completely expecting to be ultimately shut out, but I can't stop that nagging voice in the back of my head that says "what if"
  9. Double post: That said, when my husband had the choice of a fellowship offer at UCLA or a TAship with on campus housing at UCSD, we chose UCSD because we hate LA and the traffic/higher rent. I guess I'm team Minnesota.
  10. Can I just jump in and complicate this by saying that the winter in Minnesota sucks but it's not always like that. It's the land of 10,000 lakes and those lakes aren't always frozen. Fall, spring, and summer are great in Minnesota. The people are the nicest you'll ever meet. It's a great school. Minneapolis actually has a lot of culture. The faculty/course work/funding at Washington seem like huge red flags to me (no matter how much you like Seattle). I think it should come down to Minnesota and USC. In that case, the funding is better at USC and your main reason to not pick that school is that you're bored with LA. My two cents as an observer with absolutely no consequences.
  11. Is anyone else sitting here with only wait lists? Just me? Oh, cool. *continues to wait*
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