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  1. Has anyone heard back from Harris PhD in Public Policy or knows when they are sending out decisions?
  2. Anyone here applied to the Econ & Ed program ? And has anyone heard anything back? The wait is lethal... Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Hi @highered01 Thank you so much for your reply. I also highly appreciate you answering questions here even though (based on what I read on your posts) you have already started your PhD at PENN GSE. If you would like to share it with us, I was wondering your reasoning behind declining the offer from TC. They are known for offering tenuous funding and apparently they do not fund PhD students throughout their studies so my guess would be that, but perhaps there could be other insights you’d like to share. Thank you so much !
  4. Hello @highered01 and thank you for your post! After reading your post, I was wondering if you applied by the December deadline. It seems to me that decisions are sent out within the second week of February but you did not have an initial interview until March 31 !! Can you please elaborate on this? Did you not hear anything regarding your admissions decision until March 31st? Thank you!
  5. I applied to the Ph.D. in Economics of Education (SHIPS) program and I have been trying to find an answer regarding the interview procedures. Here is a post from Stanford SHIPS page back in 2014. I also remember them saying that there is no formal interview process when I called them before the application deadline; however, it seems that the majority of the people that were admitted had some sort of an interview/conversation with their POIs. In short, it seems to me that not getting an interview does not qualify as an implied rejection; however, it is not good news either.
  6. Nobody has posted on the results page for Stanford GSE since the beginning of this year. My understanding is that interview requests are usually sent out in the last week of January, and the decisions are posted in the second week of February for Ph.D. candidates. One thing I am trying to figure out is whether not getting an interview could be interpreted as an "implied rejection." Some people in Stanford GSE post stated that Stanford does not interview. On the other hand, however, it seems that the majority of those that were admitted had some sort of an interview with their POIs.
  7. Does anyone know if this also applies for Ph.D. programs at Stanford GSE?
  8. Hello Everyone and best of luck with your applications! Has anyone here applied to one of the Ph.D. programs at Stanford's GSE? They state that they do not hold interviews on their website; however, almost all who were admitted to the program wrote in the results page that they had some sort of an interview/discussion with their POIs, and they received those interview invitations around the last week of January. Is it safe to say to expect a rejection email by mid-Feb if you do not get an interview request?
  9. Has anyone in this thread found out some useful information regarding the admissions process or possible dates for when we will hear back?
  10. Lol I know right all the other applications make us do the same.. Just submitted my application for the Phd in Economics and Education program. I haven't found any information on gradcafe regarding what they are looking for in a candidate. Best of luck to everyone
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