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  1. Congratulations! Yes, I am attending the visit weekend. Did you or anyone else receive any financial aid info?
  2. I have been admitted to the Ph.D. program in Education Policy and Planning (EPP) at UT Austin. No word on funding yet but I called and they said that letters with financial aid information will be sent out later this week.
  3. Has anyone heard back from Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley or NYU Steinhardt?
  4. I haven´t heard from them yet.
  5. Hi everyone, I´m an international student with a masters degree from the U.S. I have applied to the following Ph.D. programs: Harvard Ph.D. in Education (Education Policy and Program Evaluation) Stanford Ph.D. in Educational Policy (SHIPS) UPenn Ph.D. in Education Policy NYU Ph.D. in International Education UT Austin Ph.D. in Education Policy and Planning Vanderbilt Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy UC Berkeley Ph.D. in Education (Policy, Politics and Leadership) Univ. of Toronto Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy So far I have an interview scheduled with UT Austin. Hopefully we will hear from most of the other programs during the next week. Good luck to everyone.
  6. jose_lr

    HGSE 2019

    I´m pretty sure that you need to go through an interview for the Education Ph.D. at Harvard. Also, acceptance and waitlist notifications already went out las week.
  7. Is anyone applying for the Educational Policy (SHIPS) program? Has anyone been interviewd or reached out by professors? I am applying to that program and haven´t heard anything.
  8. Hi everyone. I am an applicant for the Ph.D. en Educational Policy (SHIPS) program. Has any SHIPS applicant recieved interview invitations? I read on another thread that Stanford GSE does not always interview all applicants but I´m not sure if thats true. However, someone has posted on the results page that they had an interview on January 25. Does anyone have a better idea of how the process works? Best of luck to everyone.
  9. jose_lr

    HGSE 2019

    Just saw your post. I haven´t heard anything either, also applying to the EPPE program.
  10. jose_lr

    HGSE 2019

    Hi everyone, I´m so glad that I´m not alone awaiting that interview email. I am applying to the Ph.D. in Education Policy and Program Evaluation (EPPE). I saw that a few people posted about interview emails yesterday on the results forum but for the other two programs. Is anyone else applying to the EPPE program? Best of luck.
  11. Hey everyone, I am also applying to the Ph.D. in Education Policy program at Teachers College. I haven´t found any posts on the results page for previous years. Does anyone know if interviews por Ph.D. programs at TC are set up around the end of January? Should we expect interviews or final decisions by the end of February? Best of luck.
  12. jose_lr

    HGSE Fall 2015

    I also got that $14000 grant. How did it go for other international students?
  13. jose_lr

    HGSE Fall 2015

    I've been able to access the site just fine. It only gave me that error message for the first couple of hours or so after activating my PIN.
  14. jose_lr

    HGSE Fall 2015

    It gave me the same message, I kind of freaked out too haha
  15. jose_lr

    HGSE Fall 2015

    Is anyone else having trouble accessing? I want all the info too!!
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