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  1. *That being said, you have some great things going for you, including a strong masters GPA which proves you can do the work.
  2. Hi there @Rerun You certainly are not alone in this. In fact, I had a laugh when I read your post because you mentioned the Vanderbilt CRA program. A few weeks ago I thought to myself that I was surely the *only* person that program rejected. This process is equally competitive and stressful and from what I have heard, even more so for international applicants. That being said, you have some great things goes for you, including a strong masters GRE which proves you can do the work. I was glad to see this post, as this year I applied to a few of the programs you are considering, so I
  3. Aww, nerves are the worst!! Where is it? (if you feel comfortable sharing). It seems like you've really prepped - you've got this! I just received a rejection from Vanderbilt's Community Research and Action program. But, oh well, at least I know
  4. Vanderbilt - I heard first round invites went out for CRA
  5. I'm sorry to hear, I know it's tough. I hope you get some better news soon.
  6. Community Research and Action. Crickets so far 😕
  7. Hi all! I hope everyone is managing the stress now that notices are starting to pick up. Has anyone heard from Georgia State - Community Psych or Vanderbilt - CRA? I saw a few invite invitations for GSU clinical, but haven't seen anything for community.
  8. If you don't mind sharing, which program did you apply to?
  9. looks like one result is up on the results page.
  10. Hey - I saw someone posted results for the CRA program on the results section. If you happen to see this, could you please PM me. Thank you I would really appreciate it.
  11. Have you heard anything from Vandy? Did you apply PhD or M.Ed? I applied there as well and haven't heard anything yet.
  12. nada! Based on posts from past cycles, I'm in the "invites sent zone", so my nerves have certainly spiked 😬
  13. Hey y'all (greeting seems appropriate for Vandy 😀) , Just checking in to see who all has applied to Vanderbilt Peabody this cycle and what you've heard since applying. I applied to the CRA program. Best of luck to everyone!
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