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  1. Called. They have already contacted those who are finalists for the LPO program. I was not admitted.
  2. I recieved the 2 mass emails as well but have not been contacted outside of that. Hopefully news will come sometime this week!
  3. Hey! I applied for the LPO program. Still havent heard anything. Excited for the news that may come over the next couple weeks!
  4. Anyone hear from any Vanderbilt Peabody doctoral programs at all?
  5. Hey! I know this is an older thread but I am also applying for Washu's education PhD for the 2020 cycle. I've lived in St. Louis for several years. How are your apps going?
  6. Hey! I applied to the Leadership and Policy program at Peabody and I'm having a rough time with this whole waiting it out period. Super anxious to hear about decisions! I created the thread for other fall 2020 applicants in the same boat. Feel free to share where else you applied and what contact with faculty in the department has been like!
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