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  1. Any word of Ed.D. interviews or acceptances for HSPE? Looks like from past years, notifications have been all over the place from late January to early March.
  2. Hello! Does anyone out there have any info on WVU's PhD or U. Arkansas' EdD in Higher Education? What do their graduates go onto do after graduation (is it mainly for admins or faculty)? Did doctoral students of the programs have positive mentoring? How competitive are the programs for admission? What was the funding scheme like? Any and all info is helpful. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your feedback! They aren't interested in urban education? It looks like that is all they are interested in? I love STL and that is the appeal of WashU
  4. Hey there! Does anyone know much about Washington University in St. Louis PhD program in Education? Anyone who has applied or has attended? Looking for opinions. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, I am writing because I am currently an undergraduate student with an interest in applying to some graduate programs in International/Comparative Education. Currently, I am not applying (I will this coming Fall), but I would love feedback back for others who have applied and have been accepted or denied to International/Comparative Programs. Realisticly what are my chances of getting into a good school like ( NYU, Stanford, Lehigh, Vandy) with this background: - Looking to graduate summa cum laude, 3.88 GPA, from major public university in Midwest - Highly active in international programs on campus - Winner of multiple scholarships - 3 research positions as undergrad - International teaching experience in Italy - Speak some Italian - Presented at two confernces - Work with refugees - Other various volutneer experiences - President of a sports club Thoughts on anything would be greatly adored Cheers
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