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  1. Yay, finally one of these threads I can be a part of after lurking for years! I'll be applying to 8-10 schools for Fall 2020. I'm not as far in my preparations as I'd like to be (thanks to working full time during my gap year), but what can you do? I've definitely done a lot of brainstorming and have at least read some for the GRE... In terms of subject area, I'm into British 19th century literature, especially the movements of the late 1800's (aestheticism, decadence, arts & crafts, etc). I've also dipped my toes in the Late Romantics and some of the turn of the century Irish wr
  2. @kendalldinniene I see some people have already responded to your question about conferences for BAs but I wanted to add NCUR and NULC for your consideration. I went to NCUR last year as a Junior and it was super laid back, it's a great way to dip your toes in. Only issue is since it's open to all majors, it's unlikely anyone will know what you're talking about, so you won't get as good of Q&A sessions as you would with a literature conference.
  3. My undergrad advisor actually recommended it to me as a source for seeing first-hand the perils of the application process and grad school itself.
  4. Thank you so much for your advice! I definitely see how this could be viewed the wrong way now, so I'm glad I ran it through here before even writing a draft. I've not been in a position where I could really effect that kind of organizational change, but I have spent a fair bit of time tutoring ESL students in writing and reading. Is this the kind of thing that would be appropriate to mention, or would I be better off not including the statement where it's optional?
  5. So, I'm white, a woman studying humanities, relatively middle class, etc. No ~real~ diversity to speak of. However, I am left-handed. So I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to have a little fun with it and tell an anecdote about right-handed scissors or desks shaped wrong and use that to segue into overcoming adversity in general. Most of the places I would be applying to state outright that these are just for screening for potential scholarships/diversity of the school body, etc, so this wouldn't really help to do that but it might help adcoms see more of my personality. Is this doable
  6. I know I've been posting all over the place here lately but I'm trying to get a head start on working on applications this summer so I'm all over the place mentally! So, in regards to applying for PhDs in Literature, I've always heard the advice that fit is the most important criteria, but I'm not sure how close that fit has to be. For myself as an example: I'm interested in late Victorian/fin-de-siecle literature in Britain and France, especially Oscar Wilde and Michael Field, so I guess you could also say I'm interested in LGBTQ concerns. If I look specifically for scholars who list the
  7. Keep in mind that there are GRE subject tests, and at least in my discipline (Literature), people have qualms with those too. The GRE Subject Test for literature looks at whether or not you have a passing knowledge of anything you might have encountered in an undergraduate survey. Graduate school looks at whether you have the potential to learn a TON about one tiny specific bit of literature. So even having a more pointed standardized test would encounter the same issues that standardized tests are wont to do.
  8. That is what I meant - I have very little background in statistics so seeing anything about experiment design/analysis on curriculum kind of freaks me out. As long as there's some kind of introductory research class, though, and I'm not expected to have it going into the program, I would think I'll be fine.
  9. Hello all! I was planning on going for a PhD in English Lit, but I've had a lot of recent life events happening that make it seem less and less viable. But I know I definitely want to work in Higher Education, so one other career I've been looking at is Student Affairs. I wonder, though, if my background in English will have prepared me for the coursework. I notice a lot of Student Affairs programs seem to aim more toward quantitative inquiry (which I have taken one class in and it is the lowest grade on my transcript), so I worry about that. However, I have a ton of experience in student invo
  10. Don't know about all the rest bc I am a lowly undergrad but I too have looked at MFA/PhD programs and there's one at Indiana Bloomington, and then the University of Houston and the University of Southern California have PhDs in both. I've also heard on this forum that some people can get into one and then create a hybrid program while at the school, even though one might not be published.
  11. I know (from here and from other forums) that they only accept 1-2 people per year. But I also know that their website says if they choose not to accept you for the joint program, you'll still be considered for either the MFA or the PhD for that same year. So - is there any place I can find statistics on how many people get rejected from the joint program but still accepted to the school?
  12. Hello everyone! This is my first post on here so just let me know if it's in the wrong place/not appropriate somehow. I'm entering my senior year of my BA in English Literature and I'm looking at grad schools (esp. where I can study 19th century British literature/fin-de-siecle lit) and one place my advisor recommended checking out Indiana University. I was looking at their programs and apparently they have a joint MFA in Creative Writing and PhD in Literature. Originally I'd been 100% sold on Literature, but I'm also really involved in the Creative Writing program at my University. That
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