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  1. Thank you--that's too kind! Unfortunately, I just accepted elsewhere, despite how much I loved OSU's program. I'm really hoping that was the right decision.... yikes. Oh, and congrats on finishing up your MA! Best wishes on whatever is next for you!
  2. @bigfluffybearcat thank you for your thoughts! I totally agree about minimizing stressors going into grad school (especially for those of us who have been out of school for a few years), so I think I'm going to make that jump this morning and accept where the money is. But, eek I'm so nervous that I'm going to make the wrong decision! I hope you are feeling refreshed after a night of (hopefully) sleep and are more clear headed to make a decision. I'm sending good vibes your way. It sounds like both of your prospects are fantastic, so take comfort in knowing that either decision will be a
  3. Umm... is anyone else STILL struggling to make a decision?? And, kind of freaking out?? I love Oregon State's Rhet/Comp program but am worried about their teaching load. And, I would love to live in Cincy, and everyone at the U of Cincinnati is awesome and super nice, but their stipend is on the low side. I've been offered a substantially higher stipend at Auburn and am tempted to accept because I feel like having a bit more financial security will allow me to focus on my studies more. But, on the other hand, I have a feeling that the other two programs would probably yield more opportunities?
  4. Anyone else still waiting on UCSB, Stony Brook, or Fordham? Still haven't heard a peep, so assuming rejection. Just wondering if anyone else is also wandering around in the dark.... God speed, guys.
  5. Thank you, @LeeLeeCzechIrish. I don't have a Masters. I applied to a mix of MAs and PhDs. I still haven't heard anything from Fordham (PhD), Stony Brook (PhD), UCSB (PhD), or Cincinnati (MA), and the wait is making me crazy(er). I'm close to breaking down and emailing to request an update. I'm assuming it's rejection for all of the PhDs, but I would still like to know for sure. Oh, and congrats on finishing up your Masters @LeeLeeCzechIrish! Nice work!!
  6. Okay. So, I checked Fordham's portal today and noticed that instead of just the single application that I submitted on 1/3, I now have a second application listed that was submitted on 3/13? Now, I do have insomnia and have been known to sleep walk and talk, but I highly doubt I submitted another grad school application in my sleep. So, I can only assume that I have been rejected from the PhD program, and they have forwarded my application to the MA program (though the application "submitted" on 3/13 does not indicate it's for the MA program?). Has anyone noticed anything simi
  7. Are the UCSB and UCR rejections via email or mail? I still haven't heard anything from them (I mean, I'm assuming it's a big no from both of them, but I'd still like to know for sure.). Also, does anyone know when Stony Brook and Fordham will send out decisions?
  8. Thanks, @maengret and @marisawhy! And, congrats @marisawhy on the acceptances--that's awesome! Re: Oregon State waitlist notifications: I have no idea if they notify exclusively via postal mail, but my portal status also still says "in review," so don't give up on them yet. I'm also obsessively checking my spam folder (I wish someone would take my email away from me!). Have a great day, guys!
  9. Does anyone know when Northeastern will start sending out decisions? What about Fordham? Stony Brook? If I haven't heard anything from CUNY, should I just chalk that up to an implied rejection? I hope all of you guys are dealing with the wait better than me.... Here's to hoping we all get some news this week! Best wishes, everyone!
  10. I'm right there with you @maengret, also waitlisted at Oregon State (MA). And, I feel you @YTC --waitlisted at Penn State (MA), too :(. I haven't heard a peep from any of the other programs (MA or PhD) to which I applied, and I feel like I'm slowly losing what's left of my mind. I've even started dreaming about these durn applications. Anyone have any good distraction tactics? I am not good at waiting. Also, does anyone know what the etiquette is for responding? Is it customary to send a reply email or hand written note when you've been waitlisted? Wishing all you folks g
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