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  1. I officially accepted Iowa's offer, after falling completely in love with Iowa City over the weekend. If there are any other future Hawkeyes out there, feel free to message me any time you want.
  2. Hello, I also applied to the Miami MA, and I also have not heard a peep from them. At this point, I've pretty much written them off. Which kind of sucks, because it would have been nice to have another option closer to home. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon and let you know something!
  3. Currently playing phone tag with the DGS at Kentucky, who left me a voicemail earlier (while I was watching Black Panther, again) stating that I was at the top of the waitlist and an offer was likely. So i've got that going for me at least, which is nice.
  4. I just discovered this forum, and I'm not yet sure whether reading through all 66 pages of this thread over the last hour or so has alleviated or aggrivated my anxiety. Results so far: PhD Texas-rejection email, UConn- Waitlisted for Lit (seems like a big club) Still waiting to hear from: PhD: Iowa, Colorado MA: Penn State, Miami Ohio, and Kentucky Best Wishes to all.
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