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  1. I totally understand your position. I was an engineering+English major who had a 3.2 cumulative with a 3.8 in English. When I started the application process, I feared that my GPA would ruin my chances at admission. It did not. After decisions were made, I spoke with a number of admissions committee members at universities that accepted me and at others that rejected me. No one made their decision based on my cumulative GPA. Overwhelmingly, decisions were made based on my writing sample, my statement of purpose, my letters of recommendation, and some notion of "fit." To paraphr
  2. Turned down UIUC this morning! Good luck to everyone re: today's lunacy!
  3. Just accepted WUSTL's offer! Wheeeeeeee!!! I won't be able to keep up with the congratulations due to all the GC'ers making decisions today, so... CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Just declined Notre Dame - totally gut-wrenching O_o I hope this helps someone!
  5. Declined Georgetown's funded MA; I hope this opens things up for a GC'er!
  6. I think the "balance" in "work/life/(PhD apps!) balance" can be a a smidge misleading. When I hear "balance," I think of a three-legged stool -- perfectly stationary with evenly distributed weight. That kind of balance might work for some PhD applicants (and I'll admit, it sounds pretty attractive), but I don't think it can (or should) work for everyone. It definitely wasn't how I ended up balancing things. My job, my mental+physical+spiritual health, my partner, family, friends, etc. -- the amount of attention these things demanded fluctuated wildly in the two years that I spent wor
  7. No idea, but I'm here too! Come on, UVA - swing the sword! I'm ready!
  8. What is this? My compulsive every-five-minutes GradCafe reloading was taking a serious toll, so I created a way to get hourly text message updates from the English results page. How does it work? Every hour, my little robot will search for "English" on the results page. If there are new results, you'll get text message updates with the institutions, programs, decisions, statuses, and notes. If there aren't any new results, you won't get any new messages. How do I get it? Download "Telegram Messenger," a (free, secure, privacy-respecting, iOS+Android) messaging appli
  9. Absolutely! DH is a huge part of my research, quantitative methods in particular.
  10. Hello everyone! I just stumbled onto this community, and I’m so happy to have done so! I felt myself physically relax after a couple minutes of reading through the forums. Ahhhh - camaraderie! I’m was an English + computer science major who landed in a software engineering role after college. I enjoy the work, but I don’t get the same thrill that I get from literature. So after a TON of introspection, I’m trying to career-switch myself into an English PhD program as modernist with a focus on computational approaches. I am 7/11 applications in right now - hoping to polish
  11. Hello everyone! Transatlantic modernism + digital humanities here!
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