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  1. URGENT:My waitlist application status on the Website has changed from "under Departmental Review" to "Graduate School Review" today--- Does this mean something?Should I contact Ralph?Please respond
  2. Thanks CarolineKS,I dont know about Wayne Lesser,but you are super nice and warm
  3. Have the Austin people started contacting the waitlisters?
  4. Thank you CarolineKS,you saved my day.Let the notifications begin
  5. Yay for "Movement".. the word has genuinely metaphysical implications for me now
  6. Fellow GCers,please keep this thread busy:Movement in this thread gives me hope about movement out there in the real world.
  7. Chin up or you will experience Sweet Chin Music (throwback to a philistine childhood:the great WWE era)
  8. Congrats NotSpyderman,thats great news.Did you apply to UT Austin as well? I am hoping Austin will convert for me.Though its unlikely
  9. May everybody decline all the offers they get.May they experience Nirvana and take up residence in a Yellow Stone park trailer.
  10. Friends,please dont make farewell speeches so soon.A few more days to go and few more offers to turn down and probably lady luck might shine on a few more of us gradcafe has been fantastic though
  11. Jean-luc-gohard,I am in the same boat.I am feeling so terribly low and stuck.
  12. This is one group that ,I suppose,feels relatively ""marginalized"" by the "hegemony" of other mainstream sub-fields . Would be happy to know candidates who have been accepted/waitlisted at various programs for this sub-field and what their preferences would be..I,for one,was waitlisted at Maryland and Austin.And have almost given up hope regarding these.Oh well..
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