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  1. here's the link to the reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/schoolpsychology/ - they create a new thread each week for graduate school admissions/questions, so here is the current one:
  2. I didn't think UCLA had a school psych program?
  3. I was just invited to interview at UNC Chapel Hill!
  4. I also heard back today about a 2nd round interview/official full-day interview with Montana! Congrats! As for UW-Madison, I know they've already sent out invites for round 2 interviews, they're taking place at the end of the month. Someone on Reddit also added that they heard back from Berkeley a little over a week ago, they're having a full-day virtual interview.
  5. Today I was invited to interview with UAlbany’s PsyD program!
  6. Just to clarify - is this UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee or somewhere else entirely?
  7. For those who already had interviews, how did they go?!
  8. I applied to UC Berkeley but haven't heard anything yet!
  9. It sounds like today is a popular day!! So exciting, congrats everyone!! Sounds like I'll be seeing some of you at Minnesota and Virginia's interview days!
  10. I'm getting antsy to hear back from Minnesota's program - their website says interviews & decisions typically occur in January, so I feel like it will be any day now!
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