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  1. Has anyone heard from UMD? Their application was due dec 1 so I am starting to expect a response. I have not seen people post about it yet though!
  2. Hi! I talked with psychapp22. It seems like the email was sent a month ago so I am fairly confident we would have heard about no cohort by now but I can't say for certain. All in all I am just more confused that we all have not heard any news. I am unsure if no news means a rejection or if they are still waiting to send stuff out as they anticipated it being this week.
  3. If we don't hear from umass boston this week should we assume we don't have an interview? Just getting nervous as the week is ending and I haven't heard anything.
  4. I haven't heard anything yet. I assume we will hear by Friday
  5. Has anyone hear back from UMD? I got interviews but waiting on them and other schools with later deadlines. Interviewing at Loyola Chicago and UF good luck everyone!!
  6. Hi! they are all Phd programs -UCSB -Tulane -Loyola chicago -UF -Umass boston - umass amherst -fordham -duquesne -UVA -UMD
  7. I just submitted all my applications for School Psych PhD programs. Does anyone have an idea when we should expect to hear back about interviews? Do we know we are rejected or just don't hear back? I applied to 10 programs and am senior right now. I am hoping to get into a program straight after school, but can take a gap year and reapply.
  8. Just nervous applying to programs and hoping to connect to others!
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