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  1. I also haven't heard anything from Columbia, but I'm composition (and anticipate a rejection anyway).
  2. Somebody's an All-Star.... ีUniversity Of Wisconsin - Madison Physics, PhD (F18) Rejected via Other on 14 Feb 2018 ♦ A 14 Feb 2018 Some-body once told me my study habits were going to role me. I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. I was lookin kinda dumb with my application done and the night I hit myself in the fore-head, cuz My scores were nowhere near good enough for this school. rip, I so badly wanted to go here. Didn't oficially get rejected but at this point I have given up hope.
  3. Last week I had a dream that I was on campus for a program that rejected me...while I was there in person! Then this week I got the rejection in reality.
  4. Well, there's my rejection on the website. Maybe in two years...
  5. I'll be expecting my rejection soon too then for the composition program.......
  6. Have you heard about any acceptances for composition, or just for music theory/history? Based on past years' results, composition results don't come in until February.
  7. Congratulations on the acceptance. Like ks391262, I'm applying for their PhD in composition, though I think my chances of getting accepted without any music degree, much less a master's, are very low.
  8. Not a rejection, but another joke post: Trump University Gender Studies, PhD (F18) Accepted via Phone on 25 Jan 2018 ♦ A 25 Jan 2018 wrote "I have great respect for women" in my sop.
  9. Based on results from past years, I think they're expected sometime between mid-February and early March. I know that many schools have only just started their spring term or are about to soon.
  10. A few from my intended discipline: Stanford Music Composition, PhD (F15) Rejected via E-mail on 11 Feb 2015 A 11 Feb 2015 report spam Bunch of nihilists. UC Berkeley Music Composition, PhD (F17) Rejected via E-mail on 13 Feb 2017 ♦ A 13 Feb 2017 Oh well, among my last choices... I write music for an audience, not an academic circle jerk. If you don't like what the department is doing, why apply? Colum
  11. Especially as we have several people here, such as yourself, whose experience goes against the original hypothesis. How prevalent something "feels" to a given individual and how prevalent it actually is are often completely different.
  12. There was a forum topic about this question, so I'll leave a link to that here: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/38585-practice-gre-scores-vs-real-gre-scores/ My own scores on the PowerPrep tests, taken one and two days before, were very close to my scores on the actual GRE. PowerPrep 1: 170V/160Q PowerPrep 2: 169V/157Q Real GRE: 169V/160Q/5.5AW
  13. Ditto and ditto. At least the wording in their form emails is friendlier than Columbia's...
  14. Good luck! I'm sorry that your results haven't been going well so far, but that doesn't mean you won't get in somewhere you like.
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