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  1. Research Technician positions

    I am a tech now, going to phd program in august. A 2 year commitment is normal for a tech position and honestly I think in one year you gain little to no experience. If you are looking for one year programs, I would suggest looking for Prep scholar program or post bac at nih which are design to get you phd experience including course work and funding.
  2. accuracy of Kaplan GRE Mock

    I've got similar score on my kaplan mock vs powerprep vs my actual gre score. I actually got higher verbal on my actual gre than kaplan. Good luck!
  3. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    My PI was kind enough for helping me to submit to the biggest conference in our field and some bioengineering conferences. Mostly are poster presentations but I have a podium presentation coming up. Presentations, even at undergrad symposium is definitely helpful since this is the career we signed up for doing research. It only helps in the long run.
  4. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I think emailing now would be a bit early. I am not very familiar the etiquette of this since I only emailed after I got my only interview. My feeling is to mention that you are applying to programs verbally if you ever going to see these PIs at a conference soon or something. Then maybe email around late September October. Definitely figure out what they do before you email anyone. I would also suggest you talk to your PI and maybe he is willing to pull some strings. (But don't specifically ask him to, I think that might be rude??) i did not take the subject test. maybe I should've. But with the molecular bio not being offered anymore I find the general bio test not useful and not indicative of ones knowledge of a specific field such as microbiology. My thought was my two years of experience by fall 2017 and 2 publications plus various conference presentations could overcome my gpa. That didn't seem like the case tho.I did only apply to mostly top programs tho (Harvard, UCSF etc, you can find my full list in the neuro thread) My reasoning for not being so successful is because I currently work in a field that is not related to the programs I applied to, so it might cast some doubts to the adcomm. This won't be the case for you and since you said your PI is well known, I think it would make a difference.
  5. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I don't know much about microbio/virology but honestly, you gpa is low and being international doesn't help you either. I come from an ivy school and my gpa is around 3.2. I am also working as a tech now (June 2017 is 2 year for me). As you can see, I have limited success for my applications. Luckily I had one acceptance in the end. My advice to you is to utilize your PI's connection as much as you can, email some POIs when you start your applications. I did so after I received my interview and that actually made a lot of difference.
  6. Already questioning decision...

    Congrats!! although I am jealous of you guys who have choices, I am very happy about where I am going but would be nice to have a few options to choose from.
  7. Low undergrad GPA, what to do?

    i suggest you look here. hope this helps!
  8. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    good dinosaur
  9. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    cool current
  10. Tech seeking advice for improving application

    I am exactly the same thing you are ding right now. I would say try to get your name on as many things as possible. In my two years, I was able to submit a second author paper(published) and have two first author projects (submitted and still collecting data.) I was able to submit and present at various conference which I think definitely help a lot not just for application but also for future career. Judging from my application cycle you can see it didn't help me get interviews (partly due to I applied to a completely different field, my pi is well known for my current field but not outside of the field). However, do these can really polish your interview skills and make sure you get accepted when you get your interviews.
  11. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    future doctor
  12. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    beetroot curry
  13. Please review my stats!

    by mediocre I mean 3.2. I wouldn't say anything above 3.4 is mediocre. Out of curiosity, what was your definition? did you apply right out of undergrad?
  14. Add A Word

    One year a long time ago, there were penguins who didn't wear hats when swimming. This made their mothers livid. "Unacceptable!" Frightened, they screamed, "Bears!" Nobody seemed convinced so instead of going swimming they tried juggling. Their mothers tried everything they thought would teach her a skill. However, she couldn't even make oatmeal without disastrous results. So, the penguins gathered money (obviously) trying to purchase a bear. Towering over them, a grizzly beast danced, devouring all bears with such ferocity that even God enjoyed it. Afterwards, God congratulated the penguins and applauded them. "You did it!" Suddenly, the grizzly beast started dancing vigorously. There was an acromantula nearby. It challenged the preconception that magical mushrooms were magical. Sparkling, the magical mushrooms were spreading throughout town. Nobody with pyromania thought grilled cheese would spontaneously erupt into nine identical squirrels! Nevertheless, the penguins elucidated the benefits of sparkling water from Iceland. Suddenly, Iceland exclaimed, "Enough!!! No more penguins. Kill all of the arcades on Monday because King Arthur suffered from sphenisciphobia." Tragically, everyone forgot lasers cure bug madness, meaning none of them stripped the violet beast of his powerful jaw bones. So while some arms spouted Kool-aid, others chopped nuts. This phenomenon halted commerce. Together twenty-five yellow dragons danced sporadically inebriating all anger gods, while academics drank champagne profusely. Who were they? Snotty undergrads eating free Tetrahydrocannabinol Chlorate. Homicidal kittens emerged from congressional hearings purring rhythmic improvised melodies, infuriating the associate professors who stripped them intermittently of all credentials. The incredulous kittens meowed like dragons farts. Except Bruno, who mewed like tinkling bells. Understandably, one chicken farted. Then, surreptitiously, two giraffes killed the conspicuous dragon. Audaciously, someone belched "RAWR!" Startled, four punks flew down from the Appalachian, a bit wide-eyed, and jumped into a brobdingnagian beam of protons, flipping fingers zestfully. Meanwhile, the paladins prophylactically committed themselves to diabolical plots. Therefore, lemonade became the de jure punishment for audacious acts. Worms squirmed and dug tunnels into Harvard where walruses prepared rejection letters and danced joyfully
  15. Please review my stats!

    Personally I feel like a great gpa at a "mediocre" school weighs more than a mediocre gpa at a "great" school. This is coming from my mediocre gpa at an ivy school and talking to some of my friends at state schools (which are by no means, mediocre). Nevertheless, it's the will that matters the most. If anyone is serious about graduate degree, s/he would do anything to overcome that obstacle. That's my opinion.