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  1. Thank you all!! YES! IT IS WARM. HUUUUUGE factor. I'm in New York so its a 10-15 degree difference on average. I visited the campus a few weekends ago and really liked it there. I accepted their offer I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck with their applications.
  2. I just heard back from Hopkins today! Off the waitlist! I was first on their list, so perhaps that's why I heard before April 15?? In any case, THERE IS HOPE!!!
  3. Wow, are the funding situations really that bad all across the board? I also have nothing to show for my admission(s).
  4. This is EXACTLY what I'm wondering too. Thanks for all the helpful responses. I've even heard of Hopkins not funding their admits. Like, whaaaat?? Top school with no money? Their website says most students get funded. I guess it really IS all a leap of faith. Which could potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yay.
  5. Thank you both so much for your thoughts and input. You've definitely enriched the thought process for me!!
  6. I just declined my offer to CUNY. I'm now left with my acceptance to Pitt (with no idea whether I will get a cent in funding) and my waitlist rank 1 at Hopkins (also no clue about funding, especially given I'm waitlisted, therefore unclear whether a package would be facilitated for me). Considering that the funding situations may be comparable for both schools (as in zilch)...What do folks think I should do? Pitt: Decent program, could work if I made it--some faculty seem promising, not my first choice, location and weather both suck, and with a husband and daughter, it might not be our ideal place to live/settle given the aforementioned reasons. Hopkins: Excellent program, has all the classes I want, not any promising faculty but could maybe make something out of it, not my first choice but the location and better weather are good enough, could be attractive to settle for a few years for my husband who could get a job in DC. I'm waitlisted at Hopkins and I have no idea whether to expect admission or not. Even though I could potentially get off since I'm the first one on the list, I don't anticipate it being a greater than 30% chance (having read previous posts on this topic). Also if you're curious, my top choice was UCLA (and Harvard/Columbia as tied seconds)--not getting in to UCLA made me seriously question whether I even wanted to do my PhD anymore given that I wouldn't have any decent mentors in the programs I got into/waitlisted at. I'm planning to wait until mid April to see whether I get accepted to Hopkins, but if I don't, it may be reason enough to either drop my PhD all together or reapply next cycle and hope to get into one of my top choices (because I really was THAT dead set on going to UCLA). I just don't know what to do...What's your vote and why?
  7. Thank you. The admin responded back and told me one of the other admins changed it back to PhD, so I guess thats why I saw it as PhD when I checked. Anywho I asked for feedback as UCLA was my absolute top choice in all aspects--research fit, mentorship, program, family, social support, alma mater, location, weather, everyyyything. Perhaps enough to make me consider reapplying next year--I'm gonna see what my feedback was. I have a hunch my topic may have been too narrow for their liking. Will try to share any feedback I get. Also, what do folks think about odds of getting accepted off of the Hopkins waitlist? I'm ranked first on the list but have no idea whether people would actually decline Hopkins, literally the top school in the world. Not setting my hopes high but I do know people who have rejected their offers from Hopkins and even Harvard to opt for schools like Columbia or others with better funding packages. Anyone with any insight on this matter would greatly help!
  8. sooo...it turns out that I didn't see any mistake on my UCLA app -- I did select PhD and not DrPH. What do folks think I should do??? She said that the committee reviews the SOPHAS app and that the SOPHAS app states PhD so it was sent to the right committee (plus there is no DrPH program at UCLA currently). I'm just so heartbroken about this decision but more so because I never got any official rejection! I don't feel like this is real?? She just informally emailed me that I was not admitted and that there was apparently an error on my app, which there wasn't. Does this sound weird to anyone at all?
  9. Thank you! Yes I had emailed and called twice each week the past two weeks.
  10. Turns out there was a small glitch in my UCLA application (I accidentally submitted it as a DrPH instead of PhD) which is why there was such a hold up for my decision. Anyways I didnt get in. I'm probably not going to follow through on any other offers that were made--I really wanted to go to UCLA as it was my top choice. Columbia and Harvard were other great choices but didnt get accepted there either. Hopkins has me placed first on their waitlist, Pitt's funding is nebulous, and CUNY may not be the right fit for me. It's a wrap! Going to focus my time on getting published now and retaking the GREs and hopefully even better recommenders next year. Looking forward to the next application cycle!
  11. What schools are folks still waiting on?
  12. Yes I am here now. Great experience. Dept of SMS.
  13. I literally still haven't heard from UCLA and they said decisions would be out no later than the end of this week. Well, it's 9:30 eastern and 6:30 pacific so it's officially the end of this week. I don't know what to do anymore
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