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  1. Hey guys! I was wondering for any of you who accepted admission from any school and paid the enrollment fee, do you hear back from them the same day/next day about the next steps to take?
  2. Hey guys, did anyone here do their MPH from Columbia? Please message me, I would love to know about your experience there.
  3. Does anyone know what "manual" means under SOPHAS application status [the tab where it says materials received and verified for every application sent]? It says "manual" instead of verified for one of my programs.
  4. To the person who received 'app under final stages of review' email from Columbia. Did they get back to you with a decision yet? Or tell you when they will be sending out decisions? The wait is getting a bit ridiculous.
  5. I got that too.. but I am applying with no masters, which is why I thought they were saying that.
  6. People who got rejected from Columbia, what are your second choices/where do you plan to go?
  7. thank you for letting me know and congratulations!
  8. Anyone hear from UNC HB yet? I remember someone mentioning that decisions will be sent this week, but I didn't get any emails
  9. I got rejected from Brown HSR last week, and interviewed for UNC HB last week of Jan. Still haven't heard from them. Did anyone else hear from UNC Health Behavior department? Also is anyone here applying straight to PhD after undergrad? If so, what schools are you considering?
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