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  1. At this point, I'm about 90 percent sure I will attend Columbia but I'm curious to know what those who went to admitted students day are thinking. I caught some of the faculty panel on the live stream but would have preferred to hear from financial aid, current students, and alumni. Anyone care to share?
  2. Anyone else get their aid package today?! I was awarded 18K a year which I'm pretty happy about but I didn't see anything about work study...? I have a 0 EFC so I'm not sure if work study just wasn't listed in the package or if for some reason I didn't qualify for it.
  3. This waiting for financial aid information is killing me!!! Anyone else biting their nails in anticipation? ? I really want to go to Columbia but I'm so nervous about not getting enough aid and then having to decline the admissions offer! I just wanna know my fin aid package already!
  4. Anyone successful appealing for more aid? I just submitted my appeal form and crossing my fingers!
  5. I was accepted yesterday!!!! Pretty surprised actually. I'd convinced myself I was going to be rejected! Columbia is my first choice as of now but I'll wait to make a decision until I hear about financial aid and get a decision from Hunter. adorablepancreas, where did u hear about accepted students day? Anyone receive a financial aid offer yet?
  6. You're supposed to receive your scholarship award amount the next day. If you were accepted on a Friday though maybe you'll have to wait until Monday? I'm not sure but that's my guess.
  7. I was accepted a few days ago! I was initially super excited to be accepted but then kinda disappointed when I received my scholarship amount the next day. They gave me $8000 which means I would have to take out 70K in loans. Ugh. I'll be interested in hearing what other people have been offered.
  8. Congrats to all who were accepted!! That does make me a bit nervous though that there was a wave of acceptances today. I got an email just about a week ago that my application was finally complete so maybe I'm just being impatient. When I log onto the application portal though my application status still just says "submitted" :/
  9. Congrats on being admitted! How exciting! I hope more of us hear early. Was your application also complete before Dec 1? I too submitted my application before the Dec deadline but it wasnt complete until today. So I'm wondering if it still my take a while for me to hear back.
  10. I initially was going to apply to the clinical track but ended up applying to the AGPP track for that same reason. I want to get the clinical hours to be able to qualify for the LCSW license if I decide to go down that route but I'm also very interested in macro work. AGPP seems like a good option for that.
  11. I just saw that too. Someone posted that they received an acceptance on 1/14. I have to wonder if that's correct though or if maybe they're just doing it differently this year. From reading these forums from previous years it seems like people didn't get Columbia decisions until late Feb or March.
  12. Submitted my Columbia application on the 1st at 11:45 pm! 1 down, 2 to go. Now for the waiting game (for 2-3months?) The statements were not easy for me either. I have never spent so much time on a 4 page essay before! I also updated and threw my resume together at the last minute. It wasn't formatted too well and I'm super paranoid that there's some kind of typo that I didn't catch before submitting. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now!
  13. Hopefully someone comes along who can answer your question better than I can but I think schools like Hunter, NYU, and Columbia get talked about the most because all three are respected throughout the city (at least from what I've read and from the two MSW's I've talked to) and because these schools have much larger/older programs when compared to some other smaller or newer programs. I have no idea what the reputations of Yeshiva and Touro are though so can't help you there.
  14. I have a 3.6, about 150 hours of volunteering abroad several years ago, and a few internships during college. I'm applying to Hunter, Columbia, and NYU. I too am starting to get my recs in order and also trying to get my SOP's done as early as possible to avoid being super stressed about it right before Columbias December 1st deadline!! Does anyone have any tips or info on the Columbia essay? The application says "up to 8 pages" which seems like a lot. Other schools ask for a much shorter essay. Hunter says up to 1000 words, for example. I'm wondering if they expect applicants to go into
  15. Saw a similar post for Cal state applicants so figured we could also use a thread for applicants on the opposite coast! What schools/concentrations are you applying too? (NYU, Hunter, Columbia, Fordham, Rutgers...) What stage of the application processes are you in and what are your stats?
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