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  1. Registration Now Fixed.  New Members come on in!

  2. Hi All Sorry for those who were trying to register in Sept. There was a backend error that I've now fixed. Let me know if anything isn't working as expected. -bgk
  3. Apologies !  It's back!

    1. DBear


      Thank you thank you my hands were twitching!

  4. bgk

    Blogging 2016

    See the stuff on the old blogs: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/blogs/
  5. Who's going to be first to use the new Q&A Forum

  6. bgk

    Blogging 2016

    No requirements really. Just that you don't mind sharing the occasional update and leaving them here for posterity.
  7. Hey Folks, Any of you interested in blogging your admissions journey? Reply here if so! -bgk
  8. Hi All, Wanted to test out the polling feature on the forum. Thought we'd try a softball question on TV watching!
  9. Hey All, In a return to times of old, I'm resurrecting the monthly top posters. Here's the story: biosci 176 biochemgirl67 132 rising_star 102 fuzzylogician 91 TakeruK 90 Bioenchilada 79 bicsy 72 Microburritology 65 peachypie 64 Extra Espresso 60 And as a bit of motivation, as of today here's where things stand in Jan '16 .. Yav Friendly 111 piglet33 61 Pink Fuzzy Bunny 60 peachypie 57 onceinalifetim
  10. Hey Guys!  I've done a bit of work on the server this afternoon.  Maybe the forums are a bit quicker?

    1. biotechie


      The pages do load much more quickly, now! Woo hoo! Thank you!

    2. bgk


      Thanks biotechie.  Good to know!

    3. fuzzylogician


      Yep, it's definitely much faster! 

  11. Nope :-) Just doing a few upgrades ... poor server has been barely hanging on for about a year. I think I've got it back under control now. Good luck everyone!
  12. bgk


    Hi Folks, It's been a while since I've had the time to dedicate any attention to the forum. Many thanks to rising star, Eigen and fuzzy_logician for keeping the show on the road. Anyway - In past years we've opened up blogging to folks who were interested in sharing their admissions journey with a wider audience. If anyone is interested in doing that for this season, please reply to this thread! Cheers -bgk
  13. This is just the forum too, not views to the results survey ...
  14. Hi Guys! Apologies for the long delay. Finally, a respectable, 3-4 day delay :-) Top 10 Posters uromastyx 272 asleepawake 272 jmarti37 271 DontHate 259 girl who wears glasses 232 dazedandbemused 215 Pericles II.ii.48 210 CGMJ 203 Quigley 192 RubyBright 175 Congrats uromastyx! Also to Quigley, slowly moving up the rnaks! By the number(s) In total there were 33,176 posts made this month (32,554 in Feb 2012). There were 735,623 visits, 217,630 Unique Visitors and 4.0M pageviews to the forum.
  15. Hi Guys! Apologies for the long delay. Here are the stats for Jan '13. Thanks for all contributors. Top 10 Posters PhDreams 243 EdYouKateOr 224 RubyBright 190 Faraday 187 bluecheese 171 asleepawake 168 Bearcat1 166 DontHate 155 Usmivka 139 Quigley 133 Congrats PhDreams! Position 10 to 1 in one month, not bad :-) By the number(s) In total there were 17,813 posts made this month (13,832 in Jan 2012). There were 510,824 visits, 206,185 Unique Visitors and 2.5M pageviews to the forum.
  16. Thanks for volunteering guys, I've added you all. Please try to a good catch up post. With that I think we're done for now.
  17. Hi Guys! Well. Hard to believe it's almost been 7 years of the Gradcafe .... (Feb 2006 is its anniversary as best I remember). Anyway, here's the stats for Dec '12. Thanks for all contributors. Top 10 Posters DontHate 272 asleepawake 123 girl who wears glasses 123 rems 116 econosocio 104 DarwinAG 87 bamafan 86 Eigen 77 waparys 75 PhDreams 75 Congrats DontHate! As always great to see new names (and some old faithfuls = dedicated Mods ) By the number(s) In total there were 7,270 posts made this month (5,616 in Dec 2011). There were 307,552 visits, 159,950 Unique Visitor
  18. OK - First batch set up. Anyone else!?
  19. Hi Folks, (Not entirely sure what happened to October!) Top 10 Posters TakeruK 84 rems 63 midnight streetlight 62 fuzzylogician 56 Bearcat1 55 Chai_latte 52 1Q84 51 econosocio 51 Quant_Liz_Lemon 46 iowaguy 44 Congrats TakeruK! Nice to see some new faces in the top ten club! By the number(s) In total there were 4,513 posts made this month (4,928 in Nov 2011). There were 279,522 visits, 168,987 Unique Visitors and 919,513 pageviews to the forum.
  20. Hey Guys! Who's interested in blogging their admissions story on the GradCafe? See previous journeys here. I've heard that it's quite cathartic ... :-) PM or reply to this thread. -BK
  21. Hi Folks, Woot! New top ten time! Top 10 Posters Usmivka 74 Eigen 50 Dal PhDer 45 SymmetryOfImperfection 40 fuzzylogician 31 New England Nat 31 amlobo 31 emmm 30 aberrant 28 TMP 27 Congrats Usmivka! Welcome (or welcome back) to the top 10 club all. By the number(s) In total there were 3,192 posts made this month (3,497 in Aug 2012). There were 202,238 visits, 127,278 Unique Visitors and 632,250 pageviews to the forum.
  22. Yep... maybe things will pick up again soon though
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