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  1. Crucial BBQ

    Baltimore, MD

    I moved to Maryland because my GF at the time was accepted into and decided to attend Bloomberg School of Public Health. I have been in Maryland now for 7 years and live outside of Baltimore, not in it. With that, Baltimore has great restaurants all over the city and in my opinion Mt. Vernon has a better selection of restaurants but Fells Point has a better selection of bars. Fells Point is also safer to walk around during the day and in safer at night, too. Mt. Vernon has a lot of cross traffic east-west and north-south. A lot of college students live in Mt. Vernon. Grocery stores seem to be severely lacking all across the city. There is a Whole Foods in Little Italy, a Safeway in Canton, a Safeway in Charles Village and that is about all I can tell you. There are tons of delis and corner stores, though. No roommates.... there are more studios/apartments in Mt. Vernon than in Fells Point/Upper Fells as Upper/Fells Point is more row home than not but the pricing for a studio in each area is going to be similar.
  2. Bench work/wet lab is a dime a dozen both in and out of a university setting; clinical research in genomics, not so much. For what it is worth, depending on the application pool you have an experience that may be unique to your application.
  3. I have said this before and will likely keep on saying it: the best study guides for any GRE test are the materials that come directly from ETS. Get their Biology practice book (free PDF download).
  4. I grew up in Sacramento, so UC Davis for sure--even if you live in Sacramento. UC Berkeley as well for nearly all of the Bay. For UCLA, not sure, but imagine it will depend on how close to campus you live and/or how close to a transit line. Not sure about Irvine.
  5. I have been wanting to blog around here for about 5 years now yet kept on missing the windows... Not sure which topic I fall under as I am one of the oldest members around here. As such, I have a different take on the application process and on both life before and after graduate school. Granted, I have yet to graduate from grad school myself, am currently in an MS program, and will be applying to Ph.D. programs next year, I have been out in the world for longer than, well, a long time. I also have had to navigate through both undergrad and now an MS program largely on my own with zero help (including financial) from family and/or friends. I have a lot to talk about.
  6. It had appeared to me that applying straight from undergrad was more common. Also, many (around here) do Masters programs first as way to mitigate low uGPA, pick up more research experience, and so on in effort to make themselves stronger candidates for Ph.D. programs. I did apply to Ph.D. programs during my senior year but I did not first step foot onto a college campus until age 23 and that was at a community college taking random courses to get a feel for what college was all about. I already knew I wanted to study Biology, though, and I certainly did not graduate within 4 years.
  7. I know there are some undergraduate programs in my State's university system who combine sociology and geography, yet am not familiar with any at the Ph.D. level. However, if they exists at the undergrad level then surely there is at least one graduate level program, too. You may also want to look into civil engineering and/or anthropology and geography. University of Washington has a Sociology and Political Geography program that might suit you. Now, if you are looking solely at individual departments I would suggest sticking with Sociology.
  8. I have been infrequent over the last few months, didn't realize TGC was changing (and had changed) hands. I did notice very quickly that some of the mods were missing, and that is sad. Good to see some familiar faces in the link provided by Warelin, though. I had also wondered when the old guard would leave, some having completed their programs a while ago, it seemed. @TGCA, I was not aware that Results was findable from a search. I have been a member since Nov. 2012 yet had begun looking into grad programs back in 2008. Grad Cafe forums came up over and over again, I do not recall even one instance when Results did. What's interesting is that it seems posts in Results do not match posts in the forums. I sometimes wonder if there are members of this site who only join to post results and yet do not participate in the forums?
  9. I have been a home owner for the last eight years. Although I am not in. Ph.D. program here are somethings to consider: 1. If you are a first-time homebuyer, don't have 20% to put down (or don't want to), and receive an FHA backed/insured loan you will be required to pay for mortgage insurance each month until the equity in your home reaches a value that would equal the amount of what would have been the amount of the original 20% downpayment. Aside from being charged a premium for the privilege of obtaining an FHA loan, the monthly insurance payments were an extra $275 or so for me on top of the mortgage payments. As such, I couldn't go with a 20 year loan or less, meaning that it was taking a long time to pay down to that 20% mark. However, I got lucky in a way; last year I had my home accessed and it is now worth $40K more than what I had originally paid. The luck was that because of the new home value in combination with the equity I had already built, I had more than satisfied that 20%. I had also recently refinanced for the value of the original loan and one with a shorter life-span. I was able to use the difference between the total amount and what I had already paid off to pay off the loans I had for new roof, new windows, and new floor. I was also able to pay off one credit card and then roughly half of another card. I am also no longer paying that extra $275/month. 2. Instead of looking for a financial institution to work with look instead for someone who does mortgages. Of course you'll end up going through the financial institution they work for but people tend to be more empathetic when you meet with them face-to-face outside of their work and even more so if you have been referred to them. Everyone who owns a home has someone who is managing their mortgage. If you don't know any homeowners in your area at the very least start asking faculty, staff, students, and so on at your school. This is how I had ended up with my mortgage person, but not through school.
  10. So you feel that you got burned, which is the crux of your frustration. That is to say that you are upset that the woman with the lesser application got into the same caliber of program as you while the woman with the same application as you got into the better program. If you examine yourself and not the situation you'll likely find that you are suffering from a case of entitlement; for what-ever reason you feel you deserve a better program. Ask yourself this: instead of comparing yourself to those two women what if they were men instead? Now, is the situation you present justifiable? I dunno. What I do know is that all three of you are obviously otherwise qualified. You do not know what exactly qualified the woman into the better program. Perhaps she has interest in area of mathematics and/or prospected an area of research that is not only different from yours but also one that just happened to line up with what her program was looking for. Perhaps she better sold herself in her SOP or had stronger LORs. Maybe she was found to be interesting during the interview or maybe the person who brought her on board was a woman, too? And if so, good for them.
  11. For me it was definitely from Internet searches into various topics relating to the graduate school application process. I no longer remember what that initial first search was, and I had landed on GradCafe numerous times over the course of six months or so before signing up. I do know that I did join so I could respond to a particular thread, though.
  12. Your PI is correct; she did invest both money and time on you which could have been invested into another student. I am not being critical, but it is something to think about. Was there any discussion about research prior to joining her lab? Students leave labs, change PIs, change programs, drop out, and so on on a regular basis. It's not uncommon. I know of plenty of professors who change their research up from time to time. One, who was also a former PI of mine, was going in a different direction from what he did as a post-doc which was different from what he did as a Ph.D. student. Granted, there is an over-arching umbrella over all of his interests. Your job ultimately as a Ph.D. student is to conduct research that will be of benefit to the lab/PI. In exchange, you get to learn how to conduct research, perhaps some academic conditioning along the way, and then are awarded with the creational of Ph.D. Now granted some students do get to work on projects of their own interests and for others there is little or no choice. Which way, I would imagine would've been made clear. Is it really that big of a deal to work on a project that will take you into a different direction? You are still contributing something. You still get that Ph.D. You still get to spend the rest of your life pursuing the research that you really want to pursue.
  13. I apologize; I meant Magic Trackpad, not "Touch Pad". I have the first gen., so no Force Touch for me. The Magic Trackpad 2 does have Force Touch.
  14. I have an external Touch Pad. It's way better than that Magic Mouse 1 or 2. I use the Touch Pad with a 2012 Mac Pro, though. I also have a 2013 MacBook Pro (13") . Once you get your MacBook Pro you'll understand the attractiveness of the touch pad and the power of all of the gestures. You might never want to use a mouse again (or a PC trackpad for that matter). I do have an external mouse to use with my laptop for tasks involving the Internet, eBook reading, and others that require little to no typing because keeping my hands off to the side seems a more natural position for them to be in. For these, however, the external Touch Pad is still superior to the Magic Mouse 2.
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