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  1. I got a basic Brother B/W laser printer, prints both sides. If I need color, I'll just print at school. I gave up on ink/inkjet printers years ago.
  2. In my opinion, the best prep materials -both free and paid- for the GRE come from ETS itself.
  3. As a student who went from in-person to online back to a combination of in-person and online, here are my suggestions: 1. Keep regular office hours regardless if the course is synchronous or asynchronous. Zoom of course, and depending on the policies of your school, still allow for in-person office visits. 2. If the course is asynchronous, try to post lectures and other new materials at the same time on the same day of the week. 3. If the course is asynchronous, be clear on when the week begins and when the week ends (Monday to Sunday? Wednesday to Tuesday?). 4. Be
  4. I dunno. Yes, there is still a stigma around ADHD, but it seems to be lessening year by year. Still, I wouldn't mention it. What one professor says you need to do, another professor (or ten more), might not care that much about it. Your progression from a 2.96 to a 3.9+ would be evident, so you shouldn't focus too much on it. If you do want to offer an explanation, Something along the lines of, "I found adjusting to college life difficult, it took two years for me to find my rhythm". Or, something like that. Your best bet may be to have those writing your LORs, who are familiar wit
  5. Yeah, got the rejection this past Monday. Although most likely a form letter, I have to say that I am impressed by what the letter had to say. I mean, it didn't read as generic as I had thought it would.
  6. Yes, I am hoping everyone gets in. As for me, six applications and still no word either way.
  7. Just a heads up, not sure about UMich, but for EEB and related fields with a Bioinf aspect in general, it all costs money. The cooler the 'toy', likely the more it costs to use.
  8. California dedicates a large portion of the State's budget towards higher education and most California residents do not pay tuition (they pay fees instead). Because the costs are heavily subsidized by (Californian) tax-payer dollars, California tends to favor California residents above everyone else, including Americans from other States. It's simply cheaper for the UCs (and PIs) to do so.
  9. You can focus on gene regulation at any program. Any program can lead to a career in cancer genomics. Out of your list I would select UC Santa Cruz, but I am from NorCal and have bias towards redwoods, hiking, Monetary Bay, and their mascot is the slug. UCSC was a major player in the human genome project, too.
  10. I am still using my 2013 MacBook Pro. A little slow by today's standards but still faster than the 2018 MacBook Air. You likely got something by now but if you (or anyone) is still considering an Air, the M1 Air is a better deal but not sure if ChemDraw will run on it.
  11. Crucial BBQ

    Newark, DE

    I also applied to UDel and currently live in Maryland... where if I get in and go, I would likely still live in Maryland if possible.
  12. Not to be cheeky, but why did you apply to your list of programs in the first place? I mean, don’t you have reasons for each program? For myself, I looked at location and selected programs in areas that I was already familiar with, or did extensive research into the area. I also dug deep into programs looking for anything I could find over what I might expect if I were in attendance. I read student handbooks, blog posts, personal websites, social media, newsletters, and so on. I too have found that most students and faculty will stick to saying good things about the program, so
  13. I lived on Emerson Ave. S. between 35th St. and 36th St, paid $900/month for a two bedroom at 850 sq ft. Granted, this was over a decade ago. Uptown has changed a lot since then even though it was still hipster back in the day, it was a lot rougher around the edges. Uptown used to be a pretty tough neighborhood, it has come a long way since its glory days of drugs and crime. Northeast MPLS was always the place to be for the cool kids who fled South MPLS.
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