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  1. Heard from my PoI at Stanford yesterday, he told me I wasn't invited for the interviews so I'm going to assume that all invites have already been sent out. I too am waiting to hear back from Harvard and Princeton.
  2. Hi!! So glad to meet EEB people here, gradcafe can sometime feel like an ocean of MolBio and BioMed peeps. I'm from India and will be graduating with a masters in Biology in the spring. India is dreadful when it comes to the intellectual diversity in Ecology labs so I was sort of always boxed into behavioral ecology as the only ecology lab at my uni did that. But I still feel fortunate that all my external research experiences, though they dealt with beahvior and physiology, it was at least in the context of global change. For my PhD I will be working on the intersection of community eco
  3. Had a meeting with my prospective PI at Brown today, I'm almost in. According to him now its only a matter of whether I choose to go there. So excited and relieved!
  4. Hi, though I'm applying in EEB, most of my coursework has been molecular. I can help you out.
  5. Just got done with all my apps except Brown which has a January deadline, hoping I get some interview invites.
  6. Almost done with my statements, submitted 1 of 11 applications. Schools I'm applying to : Stanford Biology, Harvard OEB, Duke Nicholas, UCSB EEMB, UCLA EEB, Brown EEOB, UW Seattle Biology, UMN EEB, Princeton EEB, Columbia EEB, Rutgers EEB
  7. Can anybody chime in on how much the faculty can weigh in on during AdCom in tracks without lab rotations? I had been in conversation with a faculty who was in his words rather impressed and very excited about the ideas I pitched them, they even went on to say they'll do everything in their power to get me into the program. I would've been confident after their commitment if I didn't have the profile I do, but all my research experience only has a conceptual overlap with what I'd like to do during grad school due to the field being so small in my country that there just weren't people working
  8. Hey man! we're a small group so good to see more EEB people around here. All the best for your TOEFL! I took mine in July. If you're 100% confident that you're getting in that uni I'd say that's cool, otherwise you should definitely look at other places as well.
  9. Hi all EEB enthusiasts, I though we could start a thread early as our app process also starts earlier than most STEM fields as we have to get in touch with potential advisors. I'm broadly interested in global change biology and am looking to join a lab which works within community ecology and ecophysiology in the context of global change, so that includes climate warming, exotic species invasions, land use change etc. I don't exactly know which schools I'll be finally applying to yet as I'm still in talks with potential advisors and hope to keep getting in touch with more until at
  10. Hi! I'll be applying in Ecology, reached out to a faculty and found out they aren't taking students next year, but they said they'd be happy to co-advise so that's something not negative I guess.
  11. Thanks! I don't know how I should evaluate whether the programs have weak committees but in EEB generally you have to line up an advisor before you apply, otherwise you just won't get in no matter how good you are. It somehow skipped my mind that the semester hasn't started in the US so most PIs are either away on vacation or working in the field, I've slowly been getting more replies and got two more zoom invites from UCSB and UMich. I will probably E-Mail the rest of the PIs in mid-Sept when the would definitely be in office and wouldn't have to reply to academic emails from their p
  12. Yeah I'm pretty stressed as well, have been told by the profs in the US I have been emailing that I have a very strong track record but it just isn't working out with as many people I'd like to, many have said they don't have funding for internationals or they already are in touch with a domestic student so my chances are low but I should still apply given my profile. I'm going through a rough patch financially so I'll have to be careful where I apply to. I do have a professor who seems to be interested in me at Wisconsin-Madison so I hope that zoom call with him goes well. I'm a final year ma
  13. Its hard to say 'which' universities because its Phd admissions, just apply and see where people respond, I've been sending E-mails and have somehow gotten more zoom call invites from top 5 programs than the schools I considered safe.
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