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  1. Did anyone hear from UT Austin EEB? I see 1 interview request listed in the Results page but I haven't heard anything myself
  2. I emailed the graduate admissions coordinators for timeline updates at each of my programs (because I'd rather know I'm rejected now than anxiously wait until April for the official decision). Here is some info from them: -UCLA interview invites have already been sent out -U of Minnesota interview invites have already been sent out -UC Davis Population Biology interview invites have already been sent out -UC Davis Animal Behavior interview invites should be sent out by around the beginning of next week -UC Davis Ecology decisions go out between early February and late
  3. I'm not sure if UT has a recruitment weekend or not. I'm also waiting to hear back from U of Minnesota, U of Oklahoma, UCLA, UC Davis, UIUC, and Stanford* if anyone has any news on those programs! *I have seen interview requests for Stanford Biology so I'm assuming it's a No for me.
  4. I have also not heard anything back from UT Austin!
  5. @Mikedrumm22 I am also curious abut the wait listing from Minnesota. How did you hear back? My portal doesn't have any updates.
  6. Congrats @entoemma! Best of luck with the Cornell interview!
  7. Hi guys! I'm glad to see other EEB-types here! I specialize in behavioral ecology (hence the username 😄) and I just graduated this past spring with my M.S. For PhD apps this cycle, I applied to UC Davis, UCLA, Stanford, U of Illinois, U of Minnesota, UT Austin, U of Oklahoma, and Boston University. I haven't heard anything back from any admissions committees yet. The waiting is so intense.
  8. Just wanted a forum for all us EEB folks to have a place to chat, anxiously wait, and update one another.
  9. I found out earlier today that I was awarded a $6,500 fellowship (through my current undergrad university) to conduct original research this summer. It is a project I am planning and budgeting independently. It involves behavioral ecology studies of lemurs in Madagascar. I would be there for 8 weeks. Details aside, I know this sort of thing could only be beneficial to my PhD applications. Is it presumptuous or weird of me to tell the programs about this? If I did so, is it better to email the program coordinator or just upload an updated CV? Or maybe I should tell my POI?
  10. That is an incredibly helpful and encouraging response. Thank you!
  11. There is an EEB program that I have interviewed at and have thoroughly loved. The grad students seem happy, the faculty are crazy smart and very friendly, there is a guaranteed funding all 5 years, and the program just seems like a great fit. The one caveat is that my POI does work different than what I kind of imagined myself doing. We are interested in many of the same research questions which is why working with him is a great prospect. My worry, however, is that he does mostly modeling work, using genetic data sets that someone else sequenced and has shared with him. I love fie
  12. In the Results section for 2017, people reported interview invites, acceptances, and rejections within the span of January 20-27. It makes me nervous that I have not heard back from the E3B PhD program yet. I am just wondering if anyone has any idea of the timeline this year or has heard back yet. Also, good luck to you other applicants!!!
  13. Good luck to everyone! I commiserate with the stress of checking email incessantly all day. You all sound amazing and will find success anywhere you end up!
  14. I saw one person post in the Results section that Princeton EEB sent them an interview invite on January 2. Has anyone gotten an invite following the 2nd? Can anyone confirm all interview invites have been sent?
  15. And I have heard back from none of them yet. Luckily no one has posted in the Results section suggesting these 7 schools have sent out any invites or decisions of any kind. But the waiting is still unbearable. I did hear from my POI at one place that I was qualified for a competitive fellowship and that he would recommend me for it to their grad admissions committee. This at least gives me hope that even if they don't give me the fellowship, I will likely at least be accepted. But no final word yet........
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