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  1. Sorry to hear that! Had you interviewed with BU or not? I'm just unsure which "stage" of rejections they are at. Best of luck with all your other app!!!! 💪
  2. UT Austin has not sent out official rejections yet, but I did confirm with my potential advisor that interview invites were already sent out. So I am just using that as a sign of rejection for me since I didn't get an invite.
  3. Rejections from: UC Davis, U of Minnesota, U of Illinois, Stanford, UT Austin, and UCLA Interview: BU Unknown: U of Oklahoma Also, feel free to DM me, too! I'd love to chat about Ecology stuff and hear about your thoughts on schools
  4. Well please let me know if you hear anything! My potential advisor has provided updates here and there, so I will also share if I hear anything.
  5. Congratulations!!!! I know the department website makes it clear that Neuro/CM admissions are a different process from EBE/marine admissions. But this makes me hope I might hear back at least soon-ish! 😝
  6. Has anyone else who already interviewed for Boston University - Biology gotten a final decision back yet? Or any word on when we might hear back a final decision?
  7. @crochetdog Oh no. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any results posted here for Ecology since it's such a big program. Thank you for that update. Congrats of course on getting your invites! Best of luck!
  8. @Medinari thank you so much!!! also, love the primate work. I've done some lemur work before, even though I don't focus on primates now. that's awesome!!!
  9. @Medinari I am so happy to have seen you respond to my post! You are the only other person on here and on Reddit I know of who also applied to Davis Animal Behavior. I guess it's a small program, but let's definitely keep each other informed! This is an email that the program coordinator sent me on January 19 after I asked for an update: "Thanks for your application and asking! Yes, the pandemic certainly threw everyone off and know that as we speak, the committee is working on reviewing the apps and selecting students to invite. I would say by the end of this week or the beginning o
  10. Well......I'm sitting at 6 NO's, 1 interview, and 3 unknowns. Any word from U of Oklahoma Biology, Davis Animal Behavior, or Davis Ecology?
  11. Good luck on your interview @BirdEvo ! If I were to share any tips, don't be afraid to ask questions about the program rather than wait for them to ask you things. That is great because no one likes awkward pauses in an interview and it shows interest in the department.
  12. Did anyone hear from UT Austin EEB? I see 1 interview request listed in the Results page but I haven't heard anything myself
  13. I emailed the graduate admissions coordinators for timeline updates at each of my programs (because I'd rather know I'm rejected now than anxiously wait until April for the official decision). Here is some info from them: -UCLA interview invites have already been sent out -U of Minnesota interview invites have already been sent out -UC Davis Population Biology interview invites have already been sent out -UC Davis Animal Behavior interview invites should be sent out by around the beginning of next week -UC Davis Ecology decisions go out between early February and late
  14. I'm not sure if UT has a recruitment weekend or not. I'm also waiting to hear back from U of Minnesota, U of Oklahoma, UCLA, UC Davis, UIUC, and Stanford* if anyone has any news on those programs! *I have seen interview requests for Stanford Biology so I'm assuming it's a No for me.
  15. I have also not heard anything back from UT Austin!
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