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  1. Hello, I no longer active and would like to deactivate my account and delete my posts if possible. I appreciate it.

  2. I definitely have felt that kind of uncertainty before, and it has consumed my life for the past two years. Let me say congratulations and good luck. A word of advice for your future: Try to relax and be yourself and things will find a way to work out.
  3. I had a similar experience. I too had an interview that I felt didn't go really well, and she assured me I could email her for advice and whatnot, and she never responded. I didn't get an acceptance (or rejection) yet. I think that they say that type of thing to everyone. I wouldn't hold any grain of salt to what most interviewers say because even if you think it went bad you may still get an admit or rejection. In reality there is nothing else you could do about it.
  4. I am thrilled right now! My first California invite! UC Riverside Neuroscience invite!!!! Made my month.
  5. I don't think they "halted" my application. It is just taking a while, just happens that they take way longer than all the rest of the schools for whathever reason. But, it is possible schools will deny or put holds on application's due to funding. Some schools offer people positions with no funding. Either way, I am thinking this may pose a problem if I am offered admissions before I even interview at my school of interest.
  6. While GRE scores are certainly important, so is your research experience. If your GPA is above a 3.0 and your GRE scores meet the minimum requirements, your app will be looked at. What it really comes down to is your research experience and how competitive your scores and gpa is. Personally, my GRE scores sucked, but schools are still giving me a shot because I have a publication and 2 years of research. My grades were pretty good too, which certainly helps. As for a Masters or not, I would think about this. What do you really want to do with your life? Do you want to teach, work for a ph
  7. My ego feels much better. Just got an invite from Medical University of South Carolina! After seeing all the California schools send out there invites, I was feeling really down about my future. Sigh of relief.
  8. Could be that the people you're interviewing with have way too many people for one day, and they want to spread it out better by having you come early.
  9. Just like we are "fishing" for the best opportunities, and trying to get multiple invites, the schools are employing the same strategies to get the best and most applicants. They know that some people they invite have no real intention of accepting admissions if the student gets multiple admissions offers. They are trying to coordinate probably at least 40 people to interview with many faculty at different times. Think about how complex it is if they invite 20-40 people and they have to set time schedules for different faculty based on the applicants, who may not even accept an admissions offe
  10. Thank you for this insight, I am a lifelong worrywart. If I didn't have 7 shifts in the next 6 days at work I'd be lurking these forums all day and be telling myself things that I should probably do if grad school doesn't work out.
  11. I had a Skype interview with University of Arizona neuro adm committee earlier this month. The told me I'd here from them sometime after Christmas. Did all of their invites go out already? I felt my interview went really well, but who knows? Thanks.
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