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  1. Omg me too!!!! I will be committing within the next few days!!!
  2. I emailed them on Monday and I was told they are in the first phase of reviewing and admitting and I will be hearing in the near future. So you aren't alone, I'm waiting also!
  3. Did you get an official email offer? I haven't seen anyone else update that they heard from them after interviews yet and I'm wondering what's going on
  4. I'm waiting also! They said in my interview weekend that decisions would come out in the middle of February so any day now I hope... USC Neuro told us in the second interview week (February 1st-5th) that decisions wouldn't come out until the middle of March
  5. Thank you so much and best of luck to you also! I’d love to hear your feedback on the virtual interview week if you want to send me a private message
  6. Did anyone who got an interview with the University of Southern California NGP receive any updates about the schedule? I am in the second interview dates but haven't heard from them since they gave me my official dates at the beginning of January.
  7. I just received an interview invitation for UCR Neuroscience!
  8. Hey! UCI’s INP is one of my top choice programs and I am so excited for my interview Do you feel as if the students are generally happy in this program? The faculty list is so impressive and very much aligned with my research interests. Also any general tips for the interview or if you have heard what acceptance rates look like post-interview? Thank you so much!!
  9. The email included my name but everything else seemed very generic. It gave two possible interview dates: January 21-22 or February 4-5.
  10. Just received an interview invitation for UC Irvine Neuroscience!
  11. This was some of the verbiage on the email "All interviews for the recruitment cycle are scheduled for the last week in January (25th-29th) and the first week in February (1st-5th)." I'm not sure if this means that they sent out all the emails already for these weekends or if they are still in the process of sending out emails. They did mention that the office is closed starting today until January 4th. So if they are going to send out more invitations for those weekends I would expect them to come out then. I hope this was helpful!!
  12. The interviews are 5 days(Monday-Friday), last week of January and first week of February.
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