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  1. The email was signed by the Interim Director of CIR, Michael Albertus, and is mainly about a virtual session of the CIR program. The Uchicago portal does not reflect the admissions to the MA, only creates a referral form.
  2. Congratulations to all who received an offer today! It’s a game with best schools lately and I’m sure you got into fit programs! can I ask if there’ s any info from the department regarding when will all the admission results be out? Thank you!
  3. Thank you everyone who is sending out positive energy - it is much needed. I also claim rejections from Duke and Stanford. I think it is time to admit this cycle is over for me. Realistically speaking, I do have other backup plans, and I went into this cycle knowing that it's not likely I'll get anything. Yet, that slightest hope kept me day-dreaming, and I dare to admit that I am frustrated about it. Best of luck to everyone still waiting for admission results. And for myself: Stay strong, don't be caught up with an obsession, and be open to life.
  4. A likely tough week ahead friends, good luck to everyone! Life and the present is always more important
  5. and even accounting for this year's off-the-schedule admissions timeline, MIT results should be out soon... But, I'd still take 5 rejections over another week of coming-but-not-coming admission results. (Editing to make it more positive: hang in there friends! Remember, 20 standard drinks per week before it's alcoholism (European standards, obviously :)))
  6. HKS and GSPP. This is not intentional. I washalf-way applying to match and safe MPP programs when something in life happened and I missed all the deadlines and yadiyadiyada.
  7. I applied to reach/impossible schools only in this climate, bravery (read stupidity). I applied to 6 US PhDs, 2 US MPPs, 3 UK MPhils, and am looking for a job. I question my choices lol...
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