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  1. This community is fantastic, and it was great to see such a diverse group of people applying for PhD programs. Best of luck to anyone applying next year. Anyone can DM me with questions about my application experience or if you want input on your application materials. y’all are pretty chill. Keep it wavy.
  2. Figured I would get things started as my season is essentially over. PROFILE Type of Undergrad Institution: R2 State Institution Major(s)/Minor(s): Major - Political Science, Minor - Japanese, Statistics Undergrad GPA: 3.83 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 159V/157Q/4.0W Any Special Courses: Graduate-Level Political Methods Course, CS Class in Python, Classes in R, Advanced Statistics Courses Letters of Recommendation: 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, all tenured, I'm close with two of them. Teaching Experience: Taught one lecture on using functions in R Other: Summer Fellowship,
  3. I got the email at 10:00am MST on the dot. I would say that going alphabetically makes sense here but the fact that it was exactly at 10:00 makes me think otherwise.
  4. I also got a rejection from Northwestern. I got an email to check the portal.
  5. Claiming a University of Iowa acceptance. It looks like emails are being sent out on an individual basis.
  6. To the others accepted to WUSTL( @_nutella_@Barry B. Benson@aae322 ), the funding info should be sent soon in the formal offer letter.
  7. It looks like an individual email from the DGS. Oh my goodness I am shaking and I should be focusing on the class I'm in right now.
  8. For people who aren't proficient in LaTeX, I learned how to make my CV using LaTeX and that helped me out a lot. - LaTeX CV Tutorial (Overleaf has a great amount of tutorials for learning LaTeX. I'm not a fan of using LaTex on their website though but that's a personal preference.) For the departments that I've talked to it appears that R is the main statistical software used now. Especially for younger professors. There are some people using Python and other software languages but those are more niche. For R here's some resources for people who want to learn certain skills:
  9. I mean we'll see what I end up doing. My real interests are with voter turnout, and political communication. Especially online communication by political campaigns. If I want to do stuff in Japanese politics I should def brush up on my Japanese lol. Can't just waste those 2 years in Japan.
  10. It depends on how hard the people pray. (jkwhydoimakethesejokesaboutmyownreligion) In all seriousness, it snows pretty frequently. We get a couple serious snowfalls. Probably no more than 18in in a year.
  11. I'm actually AP/Methods. I thought I would be a decent fit at Emory, but I assume my GRE scores made me less competitive there. In any case, you'll get some good news soon no doubt!
  12. Claiming Emory and Princeton rejections. Expected the Princeton rejection, but not the Emory rejection. I'm counting my blessings though, because I have gotten three acceptances so far.
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