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  1. They don't release all rejections at the same time? So weird that only a few have been notified.
  2. I'm not notified by Stanford MTL either. Don't know what does this mean.
  3. Anyone get any news? Contacted POI for results? I guess that judging from previous timeline, they may have already notified acceptances?
  4. Still no words from Yale? Seems like it takes longer judging from previous timeline.
  5. Thanks for your info! Do you know whether the admission of joint Film and Media Studies and comp lit will be released at the same time with pure comp lit?
  6. Yeah, I guess so based on the posted results in the past years. However, I emailed the CMS department yesterday and got the reply: "While some applicants to Humanities Division programs have been contacted and received decisions, not all decisions have been finalized." Don't know how to decipher this message. Maybe good news. Maybe they are sorting out waitlist and rejections?
  7. Also wondering about the admission of Chicago CMS PHD. Anybody know if they send out admissions in one batch or in different waves?
  8. Does anyone know if the Humanities Division at Uchicago normally send out all admissions at once or in different batches? Especially for Cinema and Media Studies.
  9. I also applied for CST, my dream program. They normally send admission in early to mid Feb. Also, I applied for Cinema and Media Studies at the Humanities Division. Anyone know if they send out all admissions at once or in different waves?
  10. Hi, it's so great that you were admitted by both the Committee on Social Thought and Berkeley's Rhetoric! I'm applying this year, and the Committee is my dream program. I'm wondering if you can share with me you personal statement. It'd be great if I can learn something from you.
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