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  1. @ShivDthanks for sharing this info! Yeah it does seem like the department send out acceptances by early February...
  2. Hi how's everyone doing? I'm feeling super anxious about Berkeley right now, especially with no email response from the department regarding decision notification timeline. Has anybody hear anything from the program?
  3. For those who applied for the film & media PhD at UCSB, does the program allow interdisciplinary research? For example are they open to their students doing creative work (film, interactive media, installation, etc.) during their studies along with their writing dissertations? I'm an independent filmmaker and only applied to Berkeley and Santa Cruz because the schools indicate that they encourage intermediary practices. I'm wondering, for future reference, does UCSB have a similar approach or do they focus solely on the theoretical?
  4. I guess it's just the waiting game right now... Good luck to both of us!!!
  5. Hi! I also applied to UCSC's film and digital media program. Have you heard anything from them? I talked to their graduate coordinator yesterday and she said they will send out decisions in March... but it seems that from the results in the past, people got their decision around this week and early February.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread! I've also applied to Berkeley's Film and Media. From the results people posted in the past few years, it seems that Berkeley began sending out decisions in early February. Not sure if Covid might delay their reviewing process... Definitely feeling super anxious right now.
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