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  1. Just got into VCU painting after having been waitlisted. I was rejected everywhere else I applied and had assumed I was going to be applying again next year. I'm so caught off guard and have to decide by Friday! I didn't know I would have such little time to decide and won't get a chance to visit.
  2. Oh damn but congrats. Did anybody else here get an interview?
  3. Where are these risd painting notifications?? I'm going crazy
  4. Ahh how soon?? Now I'm going to be refreshing my email every ten minutes
  5. I interviewed two weeks ago and the head of the department emailed me tonight. Yeah, it was for painting. Seems like all the departments are interviewing at different times. Did anyone here get accepted to the painting/printmaking department?
  6. Waitlisted at VCU. I'm both honored and disappointed. I wonder how many people they waitlist. It's my top choice so I'm not losing hope yet! The waiting continues...
  7. I think they said last week of feb/first week of march for VCU decisions so we still have some waiting to do
  8. Feeling nervous about Rutgers and Columbia starting to send things out. I haven't heard anything and keep checking my email and application status. I don't have cell service where I am which is making me even more anxious about Columbia since they're doing phone calls. Guess I'll just keep waiting!
  9. Just had my interview with VCU. It was really intimidating. After each of my responses they moved right on to the next question. My friend who went there and has been on interview panels said that they stick to the list of questions for legal reasons so that everyone is asked the same thing. It was awkward because without follow up questions I couldn't tell if they were interested in my answers. I have no sense for how it went and am kinda freaking out haha. I wonder how other people feel about theirs.
  10. What are you all doing to prep for interviews?
  11. I've been stalking this forum but its my first time posting. I got an email for an interview with VCU this morning for painting.
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