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  1. Hi, I studied journalism/work as a journalist on a freelance basis in addition to my full time job. You should pick a program that will introduce you to multiple platforms of reporting (digital, video, radio, social media, etc). Newsrooms like a sense of versatility and you may not find a job in a particular niche. Having many reporting skills is desired. Learning to apply news to different treatments was also fun and exposed me to new interests and skills!
  2. Definitely go to U of T. The money you'd be saving in tuition makes that a no brainer to me.
  3. wow how exciting! best of luck! I just came back from Spain and I loved it
  4. I'm going to apply to summer school's in Europe that offer courses and credits for masters students the MPPA program at Ryerson doesn't explicitly offer exchanges, so this seems to be the best route. I also know that these summer schools are a lot of fun. i'm interested in applying to the summer school at the university of amsterdam and perhaps sciences po if the credits work out. I've also come across a summer school at the university of tilburg. I spoke to the MPPA director about this and she said she is supportive of the idea, but I will have to get the credits approved. Genera
  5. thank you :) I am doing a Masters in Public Policy
  6. I've actually decided to stay here and do a summer exchange program at a university in Europe. This way, I get the best of both worlds. I thought a lot about my personal interests and what I want. The co-op experience here was also big pull because of the current job market where I live. I am also fortunate enough to travel pretty much every year, so I don't feel short on life experiences. I'm already excited for my summer exchange If I could afford LSE or another big name school, maybe I would've gone there, but this is the best decision with the cards i've been dealt
  7. Hi everyone! I am a MPPA student who will start in the fall. I'm super excited for the program and really want to make the most of it Does anyone have any recommendations for good books for new grad students, especially about writing papers? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm pursuing a Masters in public policy and I don't know which program to pick. I'm from Toronto and completed my undergrad here. I've applied to Ryerson's MPPA program and got in. It seems like an excellent program, but I also have the opportunity to go to the University of Malta Malta for their Master of Diplomatic Studies program. Both programs offer a similar skill set of policy analysis, law, research methods, international relations, etc., except Ryerson's program is obviously geared to Canadian policy, and the program in Malta is mostly European specific. I was
  9. You aren't rash or callous. You sound like a good person who cares about your family.. Don't beat yourself up. You had reasons to pick the other school; it was a better cultural fit as you said, and in a great location. It's unfortunate that you're not going to be as present as you would've liked, but there were reasons for choosing the school you did. I'm sure your family knows how much you care for them. Maybe you could try to see them once a month at least on weekends. You'll be okay at this school, I'm sure of it.
  10. I understand that Ryerson offers their acceptances on a rolling basis, which means, the later you apply, the later you will hear back from them. Did you apply after the early December deadline?
  11. You can definitely keep up with professors over email at least. I know mine are eager to keep in touch. Maybe you're underestimating your parents. My parents didn't go to college either and I'm actually the first in my entire extended family to pursue a master's degree. But they definitely have acquired wisdom and their own sense of intelligence. There are so many kinds of smarts. You can also turn to other people who have been to university if you're struggling to relate to them in that aspect. It is true, you'll have to step out of your comfort zone, but that's where the growth h
  12. I experienced this after I graduated in June 2017, too. It's hard to see the friends you made there as frequently, but you will make connections moving forward, be it at grad school or in the work force. It's a big transition, but making money and moving up in the workforce is a great thing too! There are so many other milestones to look forward to after undergrad is done. My advice is to try to keep in touch with them but also try to be emotionally independent - forge your happiness through yourself.
  13. Yeah true lol. Thanks, I'm not totally sure if I'm going to do it after all so maybe that will free up a spot for you guys.
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