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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster! Hello, everybody! Congrats to those of you who have received offers and wishing the best luck to those who are still waiting! I just wanted to double check that the tuition fee is 13K per year, right? Also, just out of curiosity, is it really difficult to get fundings from the iSchool? I applied before the January deadline and have a 3.93/4.0 GPA, but still did not get any awards or scholarships. Was this year really that competitive? Lastly, for those of you who haven't received any financial aids or awards, do you mind sharing how you are planning to pay the tuition? Now that I didn't get any fundings, I am quite worried about the financial expenses.. Thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you for your advice! I am actually leaning toward UoT. Are you also planning to attend the iSchool this fall then?
  3. Hi, everyone! I got offers of admission from both the University of Michigan and the University of Toronto into their information studies respectively (i.e. UMSI and iSchool). I would definitely like to attend the UMSI, but unfortunately I was not awarded any financial aids.. So.. now that I have to pay approximately the 40K tuition + 20K living expenses per year to study at the University of Michigan, I am doubtful whether it is a good decision to choose the UMSI over the U of T's iSchool because the latter would cost much much less (I am a Permanent Resident in Canada, and I would move to Toronto with my family, so I wouldn't have to pay rent and plus, the tuition is much less, 13K per year) . The decision would have been much easier if I had received any awards from the U of T, but unfortunately again.. I didn't... (In fact, I expected to get some since my CGPA is 3.93/4.0 from McGill Honours' Degree..) Anyways, my ultimate plan is to work as a UX designer after graduate studies, and I would like to work in the states considering UX designers earn more there, but I would also love to stay in Canada and work here. So.. Please help me make the decision! Any help or advice would be much much appreciated!! Thank you so much and have a great day!
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