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  1. Congratulations! Same here! Just received.
  2. Yes, MICA. That's a very enjoyable conversation. As far as I know, they will discuss the results on Friday. So maybe next week, we will get the final decision. Hope we can all get the offer.
  3. Congrats! Well, I just got my rejection from them yesterday, a little disappointed, you know it's NYC:(
  4. You mean Design? I applied this major, but hear nothing from it
  5. I interviewed on the morning of the 20th with Jennifer, I think it's a very happy conversation.
  6. You mean DESIGN? I receive nothing. Cry like a river😰
  7. Another classmate of mine just received an invitation. So there may be some remaining vacancies. Good luck!
  8. You too! Wish you all the best:)
  9. I don't know about that. But two of my friends just received interview invitations at the same time with me.
  10. Got an interview invitation from MICA 2-yr GD!
  11. I got an email from CalArts Office of Admissions yesterday, they said that "At this time, the School of Art has sent out all of their invitations for interviews."
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