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  1. It depends what program you applied for. They're all very specific and super independent, so they operate on their own very different schedules. I also know they spread out their interviews and just because someone gets asked for an interview before you really doesn't mean anything. I know a lot of programs are just getting started on reviewing portfolios, or just about to start. So hang tight!
  2. I'm not 100% sure about Mount Royal. But I interviewed for the Rinehart school of sculpture. The director for Mount Royal though is amazing and also friendly! So don't freak out so much. He does have a bit of an accent so it can be hard to understand him at times. But I'm sure you're going to do amazing! Just remember to breathe
  3. I’ll be there for Rinehart! ☺️
  4. Just was accepted into MICA Rinehart School of Sculpture with a wonderful scholarship. So overwhelmed, I still can’t believe it 😭😭. Honestly thought my interview went horribly (also sick with a high fever and strep throat at the time). So I’m just still in complete shock by this acceptance!! Aghhh
  5. Still waiting to hear something too! Hoping in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed for both of us! 🤞🏼
  6. UCLA doesn’t send out anything until about mid March. They use a quarter system so their fall semester starts later than most other schools, therefore they have more time to make their decisions and don’t have to rush. At least that’s my understanding, waiting to hear from them as well 🙈.
  7. I received the same email for sculpture. I thought it was a rejection but my mom (works at UCLA) says it’s a waitlist. But I’m starting to think if we all got the same email it might be their way of sending rejections but still having people on standby while they make final decisions 😕
  8. Thank you!! Yes I got an email saying there was an update to my application online.
  9. Accepted to SMFA at Tufts University with an extremely generous scholarship 😱😊. Super happy and excited about it!
  10. @ackey I was offered a scholarship for SVA as well. But I saw no deadline of March 1. All I see online is April 15 to place a deposit. Where did you see that March deadline? Now I’m starting to panic a little lol
  11. Received an interview for Cranbrook. Anyone have any information on this school? They have a visit weekend in March for finalists, but flying out to Michigan isn't the easiest to do last minute. I'm not sure if I should attend or not?
  12. Visual Arts - sculpture! What about you!?
  13. Accepted to SVA yesterday and today I received an MFA department scholarship \
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