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What to expect in Skype interview


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Got my first Skype interview request from a POI finally! I'm so scared because I have no idea what to expect. Will I have to answer technical questions or it's just an exchange on research interests? Also, will he ask me usual recruiting questions strength/weaknesses, life goals...?

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For my skype interviews they've leaned more towards the informal side but it also depends on the personality of the interviewer. Definitely have a laundry list of questions because I had one interview (which was really just a chat) where he literally just asked me if I had any questions and just wanted me to ask him things about the program the area etc very friendly and excited. I've also been asked my research interests and how they led me to want to pursue a PhD, and also talking about the POI's research and what he/she does in relation to my research. In addition we talked about some projects/research I've done in the past and what I've learned from it. I think life goals mayy have come up don't really recall but not strength/weakness. But the most important thing is to have good questions prepped for the person you're interviewing with (not just their research, about the department, the university, etc) as it shows you've taken interest and done some background research before the call.

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I've given 3 - 4 interviews recently so I can answer this. After some casual discussion, you will be asked to share a screen with the interviewer and you will need to do live coding. So the interviewer can get to know how you approach the solution to the problems.

I failed 2 skype interviews before. After that, I started practicing technical interview questions. I solved around 100 + problems and it helped me to finally do live coding in front of my interviewer and I succeeded.

I strongly recommend you to start solving competitive problems. It will help you to gain a lot of knowledge and confidence. 

Hope it helps :)

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