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  1. Check out the University of Michigan.
  2. Hi all! Just a friendly note that I spoke with my FPA this morning. Ireland applicants: do not apply for the open-research award unless your host institution (if not listed on list of affiliates already) can pay $10,000 to the Fulbright program for you to come. Irish commission has no money. I will not be re applying this year because of this.
  3. YEAH!!!!! Congrats congrats congrats!!!
  4. Also semi-finalist for Ireland research! What is your proposed topic?
  5. Don't look too deep into it. They request official transcripts from each and every semi-finalist. Regardless of whether you are ultimately a non--select, alternate, or finalist.
  6. Are you looking at this sheet? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cd86U9AreH9k_-WKLKnLCLn_C5MC3FKvZZ9RhlqSAq4/edit#gid=2001832949
  7. Yes, please do tell us where you applied. Are you ETA? Research? Ireland didn't notify until April 10 last year so I'm not holding my breath for any notification until April 1.
  8. Any other Ireland research applicants out there?
  9. Hm, the wording is what is interesting here. My gut tells me the language used to describe a country's choice to the ECA isn't called a notification, they would call it a decision...we are the ones who receive "notifications". My gut also tells me that March 1 is very soon and judging by past calendars, the ECA will not have their business together by March 1. What country are you interviewing with? Thank you for sharing this potential info. For others that have to interview, were countries prompt about scheduling?
  10. Hopefully, yes! Make sure you update your line on the spreadsheet. Congrats on your recommendation to semi-finalist! I hope you find all the monies to study.
  11. I think it depends on the job. Personally, I would not tell my employer until I knew I received the award.
  12. Last year, I know there were at least four semi finalists for the one open research award in Ireland. It probably depends on the country/number of applications.
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