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  1. Not sure. The email specifies "You will receive additional information on your award shortly from the Institute of International Education (IIE) Advising Team." I emailed my school's Fulbright advisor to see what she says, but hopefully by "shortly" they really do mean that and not another months-long wait.. ?
  2. Just got the good news for Korea (research). Didn’t go through an interview. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Semifinalist for research in South Korea. Got my email Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 3:01 PM. Anyone else applied for research in Korea?
  4. norangom

    Philadelphia, PA

    I just finished my UG at Temple, and it really isn't that bad haha. Beech is mostly all international students, so it's quite nice and close to campus (its on Cecil b. Moore itself so probably five mins away). I think that's a good choice for your first year, since it's so close to campus. Some people find it hard to figure out how to commute effectively in their first year, so it might be best to be near campus. See, the thing with Temple is that you'll be fine as long as you exercise common sense, ie don't play with your phone in public, don't walk around with your wallet in your hand, etc. To be honest, my biggest peeve about living around Temple was how loud and noisy UGs are. Ugh. It's like party central on the blocks closest to campus, so if I were you, I'd move further out after your first year to a more family oriented area, like West Philly, CC, etc. Manayunk is awesome, but you'd have to take the regional rail in (expensive) or drive (and risk parking on side streets, because parking permits are expensive). Btw which building didn't pass its safety check?
  5. I don't think many people have gotten specific room assignments yet. We're in VDC and haven't gotten a specific room yet either haha
  6. Yeah, I think my SO and I will be doing the same, at least for the first year. Better than commuting in Cali traffic haha
  7. Did anyone get any campus housing offers yet? We decided to try our luck at a few of them, just in case. Anyway, I got an email yesterday from Vista del Campo which is grad and undergrad, so we're not too keen on it. Did anyone get offers from the grad housings?
  8. I had to do this for my undergrad, but it work out seamlessly for me. If I were you I'd get a Google Voice number and call them from that. Or you could pay a few bucks for Skype credits to call them. Very cheap and easy alternatives to regular calling.
  9. I'd say its pretty good. Temple's revamped course search is usually up to date, so you can rely on the information there.
  10. For those using an ipad note take HD is by far the best app I've tried. A little slow, but you can annotate and rotate pdfs.
  11. Oh well, it couldn't be helped anyway. I'm probably going to make it this year, too. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to visit
  12. I'm getting them each a mug from my chosen school and will be personalizing it with a handwritten thank you card and chocolates. I'm also getting a small plush toy from my chosen school for my mentor's kids and a bottle of something expensive for him and his wife.
  13. Wait it's in Philly next year?? This is so ironic. I couldn't go this year because it was on the West Coast, and next year it'll be here and I'll be on the West Coast... lmao
  14. Anything you're interested in particular? I'm an undergrad here, so if you have any general questions/concerns, I might be able to help.
  15. Hi guys, I'll be in the East Asian Studies program this fall. Off campus for sure.
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