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  1. We simply don't use the word "data" in my field but I never implied my field is unique or that knowledge is created out of nowhere (but thanks for pointing out the obvious). I am not "new" to graduate school. I am also very well aware of what research is as I conduct it in three different languages. Your assumptions are based on very little information and your tone is arrogant and rude. Believe me when I say that you certainly don't know everything. And it's quite clear that you don't know as much about every field in the humanities as you tell yourself you do. It's also evident that you are the type who likes to feel important by talking down to random people online. This speaks not only to your character but to your own obvious insecurities. I won't be drawn into any further debate with you because, as I POLITELY said before, I believe we are misunderstanding each other. Therefore any reply that you will surely feel the need to make won't be read or acknowledged. Thanks to all those who were helpful and pleasant in their replies.
  2. We don't "collect data" or do field work in my field, unless you simply mean doing research. I would like to politely point out that I think we are misunderstanding each other. We can chat over a private message about our specific fields otherwise I'd prefer not to discuss specifics publicly. Thanks again for your replies
  3. Thanks for your reply. I'm in the humanities so we don't really work with data and observations in the same way those in the sciences do... Sorry if Im misunderstanding your reply. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Thank you AP, rising star and Augustis very much for your replies. (By the way my question was not about the actual finding of sources sorry for not being clearer). Anyways, all of that was very helpful. I guess I struggle most with determining an authors methodology. I know this might not be required for every annotated bibliography, but in this case I need to address it for each source. Any more thoughts? Thank you again
  5. Hi. I feel like I should know how to do this by now but I always seem to struggle with annotated bibliographies (I'm in the humanities). Would anyone be willing to kindly offer some advice? Thank you
  6. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

    Thanks to both of you. I did get a couple smaller financial awards from the graduate school in addition to the Trillium. But yes, all of these replaced the funding offered by the department since their offer was quite a bit lower. I was just curious because I keep seeing emails from my department and the school about the OGS and other awards and I was trying to sort out if I needed to consider any of them in the future. Though, my awards are good for the length of my program. Not being greedy just sorting out what's what. thanks again
  7. "Not valid for re-entry"

    TakeruK, is there a way to send private messages? If so, may I send you one? thanks for your help
  8. Good morning. Im American studying at U of T. My study permit is valid for the length of my program but I notice at the bottom is says "not valid for re-entry." What does this mean? I need to go back to the States from time to time... thanks
  9. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

    Hi Sorry if this has been asked but does anyone know if non-Canadian students can apply for an OGS? (U of T) Can you hold an OGS and a Trillium Scholarship at the same time? Thanks!
  10. Hi sorry if this has already been asked but I was hoping if you could reassure me that Grad Cafe user email addresses are private and cannot be seen by the rest of the community? thank you so much!
  11. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017-2018

    Hi. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I was just hoping to confirm that the SSHRC and others like it are NOT for international students? Thanks so much!