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  1. Question about the negotiating offers process! Perhaps this is only applicable to the schools I’m talking to but SIS, SAIS, ESIA, and SIPA all directed me to surveys for more aid that won’t be reviewed and responded to until after the deadline for putting done a deposit. If I cannot get a confirmation on more aid from these schools then it doesn’t make sense to me to put down a security deposit on the off chance I get more money. What do you guys think? Should I put down multiple deposits? Should I try emailing again? I would appreciate your thoughts!
  2. I got an updated decision on my portal right above the original decision. I would just email them to ask just in case! To my knowledge, SIS was supposed to send out an email notifying us of aid.
  3. Just an fyi that SIS released financial aid awards on 3/15 according to the portal!!
  4. Thank you for starting this thread! I appreciate how interactive this place is so maybe some can give insights into our dilemmas of decisions. Coming from: 1 year out of undergrad with a lot of research experience in East Asia, currently doing a research grant sponsored by the US government in South Korea. I want to work for the federal government and thanks to the grant I have noncompetitive eligibility to hopefully make that a little more possible. Deciding between: SIPA-International Security Studies ($0), SAIS- Korean Studies ($$), ESIA- International Affairs ($)
  5. No, I applied to MIA and I emailed the financial aid office and they confirmed no funding. I think it's just if you got a link you got funding and if you didn't then you didn't get any... So sad haha I def can't go to SIPA without some form of funding.
  6. Hello, congratulations to everyone! I also got in but no word on funding. Does anyone know if we'll get notified if we get anything or should we just email financial aid directly?
  7. Also was admitted early and still have heard no word on funding. One of the emails did mention early March for more information so maybe it should be out this week or next week?
  8. Thank you again for the thoroughness of your responses. I do agree that I need to be more aggressive which is why I have been reaching out and posting on forums such as this one to get a sense of what opportunities are available to me. I see what you mean by better. That is also the general feedback I've been reading about comparing SIS and ESIA as well. And ah yes, I have seen that line often regarding being former military, MBA, or law school grad setting one up well for work in government. Appreciate you reading my profile! I'm in South Korea on a fellowship funded by the U
  9. Thank you for answering my question. What exactly do you mean by "better"? Quality of education, reputation, etc.? And okay that's good to know. I'm trying to apply for some government internships during my first semester that have clearance so that can get taken care of at least. Also what is the difference between the pathways internship program and the foreign service internship program? Is it just Pathways Internship program are only domestic offices? Or does it have to do with the seasonal aspect?
  10. From what I've researched online this question seems to be popular so I thought should see what everyone thinks. I applied for the 2019 fall semester and am still waiting to hear back from SAIS, SIPA, and MSFS but I was recently accepted into both the Elliott School's MA program of International Affairs as well as SIS's MA in International Affairs: Comparative and Regional Studies program. I received a decent funding package from the Elliott School but am still waiting to hear back on funding from SIS. I wanted to reach out to everyone here and get your thoughts about either school. I've s
  11. Do you know when we will be hearing back from IIE with grant specifics?
  12. Fulbright research grants for South Korea are out!!
  13. Yep I’m a semi finalist for research!! Hopefully we’ll hear back soon
  14. Do you think they’ll be sending out first round alternates this week? Also this is kind of late but seeing the increase to two CLS sites for Korea makes me think the US is starting to take the tensions on the peninsula more seriously.
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