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  1. Rejected from Hopkins Implementation DrPH. Oh well. At least it's over with.... now to decide what to do next...
  2. Thats' awesome! Congrats. Hopefully they'll put us out of our misery this week then.... Thanks for letting us know
  3. It shouldn't close doors, but might make them a bit foggy... Jobs-wise, I've always found my MSc to just be a tick box. "Has Masters? Check." No one has really cared about my subject, but MPH might be different. I would advise choosing the university carefully, making sure they're pretty high in the world rankings, or at least comparable positions to US schools that you would consider applying to. Also, for future PhD applications, it might be a good idea to choose a course that has US- like modules, so that the comparison to a US degree is easily made. I.e. the 5 core modules that most ceph schools seem to have. Probably a good idea to take the CPH exam, as more evidence that you're equivalent to a US education. Finally, for PhD applications, you'll likely have to apply to WES, to have your international education formally "Americanized". This currently costs $160. See if you can check whether the australia/nz Masters is considered equivalent to the US Masters. Just my two cents..
  4. My understanding is that JHU don't interview for DrPH.
  5. Thank you! That's really helpful.
  6. I'm reading huge, boring documents at work, so the distraction was welcome! I've been doing the same thing for MPH (waiting for one more DrPH, but suspect it'll be a no). I'll hopefully have time to get into an MPH this year, as I definitely don't want to pay all those fees again, ask for more references etc. Good luck with the apps. Hopefully you'll find another course that you like :).
  7. Looking at SOPHAS, it says: Claremont, CUNY, Florida International University, Loma Linda, Louisiana State, New York Medical College, Oregon State, Temple, Tulane (claims all applicants are rolling?), Albany, Alabama at Birmingham, Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman, Illinois at Chicago, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Nevada, Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (rolling), Pittsburgh, South Carolina, University of Texas, and Virginia Commonwealth all have doctorates open Though mostly DrPH, instead of PhD, and some really random topics. Some are for Spring admission, but guess it's better to wait a few months, than a whole year. Most also have their deadline for tomorrow!
  8. Would those that got into George Washington DrPH mind sharing their stats? I'd like to know if there is something specific that I need to improve for next time (in 2 years! Grr)
  9. Got my George Washington DrPH Global Health rejection . Had a couple of weeks to come to terms with it - as didn't have an interview, so figured I wasn't on the short list. Nice to know the outcome at least.... Only Hopkins to go! Another 3 weeks of waiting then....
  10. That's really helpful. Thanks. Looks like they're starting to trickle out. Sorry for the rejection. Do you have another acceptance?
  11. I don't care anymore!... In. Out. Whatever. I just want to know!!!!
  12. From when I was looking at applying - most places seem to have "min of 50%, ideally 70%" for quant GRE - but didn't have cutoffs and claimed they looked at applications holistically. For instance hopkins says all grad students average 70%, lower for MS, higher for PhD. I agree with the previous poster - if you have the time and money (and think you can improve) then I would take the GRE again. If you don't/can't improve (or the verbal was a fluke ;)), then ace the stats/maths courses you're doing, so you have some recent evidence of capability. I don't think it'd be a waste to take the GRE again, but your score is certainly sufficient to try applying without improving it (as long as the rest of your application is good). And of course, apply to a broad range of schools if you can, to give yourself the best chance to get in somewhere.
  13. If they were experts in their field- you'd have thought they'd make the decisions a bit quicker!
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